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Story ID:10279
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All Cities All States USA
Person:News Media
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By Fred Wickert

Nearly a century ago there was a car in use in the USA that was very popular. It was called the Model “T” by its maker, Henry Ford. Some folks lovingly referred to it as a PUDDLE JUMPER because of the cars amazing ability to go through so many large water puddles in rutted dirt roads without getting stuck.

One noticeable problem with the Model “T” was that it had some difficulty going up steep hills forward. If it couldn’t make it going forward, Model “T” owners soon learned they could turn the car around and put it in reverse. When they backed up the hill, it could get all the way to the top. It just had to be going backwards.

Around the world in the past couple of weeks some really bad things have happened. There have been beheadings by the terrorists. Terrorists have gained new and important ground. The President along with the rest of the government in an American ally in the war on terror in the country of Yemen has collapsed while being taken over by Al Queda forces. The most important Middle East intelligence net work we had is lost.

Other than Israel, the most important and strongest ally we have in the Middle East was King Abdhul of Saudi Arabia. King Abdhul died. The President gave his State Of The Union address. In it he said we had made great success in Yemen. He also said we are making great progress in nuclear arms talks with Iran. A few days later the Yemen government falls to terrorists and the Iranians have a new launch site near Teheran with new ICBM’s poised for firing. Iran also announced the building of two new sites for the building of atomic bomb components. It should be noted that the most likely target for ICBM’s in Iran is the United States. They don’t need ICBM’s to reach Israel. The President said in his speech we have succeeded in cramping Russia’s ability to cause trouble because our sanctions are enjoying great success. Two or three days later the Cease Fire in the Ukraine is gone and the Ukraine is under new heavy attack by Russian backed rebels. The President said the biggest danger facing us now is Climate Change. A couple of days ago a report was released that the average temperature of the planet had changed only a fraction of one degree in the last 100 years. In Obama’s world, Climate change is the biggest problem we face.

Meanwhile the news media is reporting the most important news of the day. The nations news media is reporting Michael Moore and others remarks about the movie , “The Sniper.” It is really big and important news that Michael Moore and others in Hollywood don’t like that movie.

Secondly, it is of equal importance that Speaker Boehner had the gall to invite the Prime Minister of Israel to speak to a joint session of Congress next month without asking Obama’s permission, and even worse, the Prime Minister accepted without getting Obama’s consent.

Most important of all being reported is that the air had been let out of eleven New England Patriots footballs during a playoff game. That is the world’s most important news according to our national news media. Good Heaven’s! Footballs were deflated. What horrors! The world will never be the same again. How can we ever survive such a terrible thing? The air pressure was deflated in eleven out of twelve footballs. The world may come to an end. Oh my goodness, how will we ever survive?

President Obama is living in a different world. He thinks there is no such thing as a Muslim Terrorist. He thinks the war on terror is over and he is releasing all the terrorist prisoners in preparation for closing GITMO. He is normalizing relations with Cuba and our foreign relations diplomacy now is accomplished by sending the Secretary of State with a folk singer to sing we are your friend. The Middle East and Africa are on fire, but that is not news worthy. The big story is deflated foot balls.

I think it is time for the American News Media to take it out of Reverse. Times have changed. We don’t need to have it in REVERSE any more. Just put it in drive and then you not only can make it up the hill, but you will also be able to see where you are going.

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