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A thousand dreams in a moment of Love

Story ID:10282
Written by:Charles Micheaux (bio, contact, other stories)
Organization:Micheaux Publishing
Story type:Poem
Location:New York NY USA
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Faye, please stay,
a moment more my dear,
will you listen and hear,
I do fear my dear,
you really don't know how deeply eye still,
I still miss you.

A thousand dreams, sweet dreams that continue to provide my heart's memory joy, fleeting joy.
You and me on the beach walking past the Mexican sea. Me and You at the movies snug close, we are tight close watching a movie called
'The Sea of Love'

I dream, eye dream of us again,
and then, and then something awful happens;
I am awaken from my sweet slumber and this wicked thing named reality smacks me hard across the face and it hurts.

I cry like a child and there is no one there to say don't cry it will be alright.
No one to hold me like you and feel my cold tears before they hit the floor making a silent splash.

I know, your birthday soon comes...
Faye, Faye, my one true love, Faye stay!
A moment more my dear,
I will listen again, to you now and hear silence again.

Soon sleep will come and take me back to you and a thousand more dreams will be born of you all over again.


I wrote this poem for my ex-wife; her birthday is Monday and I thought a card too shallow, so I wrote this poem just to say I still love her though we are apart.