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Story ID:10285
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Unknown New Jersey USA
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By Fred Wickert

I was listening to the Hannidy show on TV while doing my night time chores with my parrot collection. One of the guests was Geraldo Rivera. They were running proposed Super Bowl commercials, some or all of which I believe they said had been pulled and as they played them, all of the guests commented on them.

I have, as we all have, seen Geraldo on TV many times. Maybe I am mistaken, but I believe on more than one occasion I have heard Geraldo talk about living on his boat. I understand Geraldo is an accomplished sailor of his boat and has made some impressive trips with it. I have heard that he often spends his weekends sailing somewhere on his boat. He loves his boat so much he doesnít want to live anywhere else.

Two of the proposed Super Bowl commercials they were looking at on Hannidy tonight involved dogs. There seemed to be some controversy over whether the dogs were mistreated or not. I was busy doing my chores and only caught part of it so am unsure exactly what the controversy was about.

During the conversation, Geraldo remarked that he takes his dog for a walk for an hour, and then when he comes back the dog poops in the elevator. That got my attention right away. Really? I donít think Geraldo has an elevator on his boat. I thought he said before that he lived on his boat.

Celebrities donít usually matter much to me what they do or say. Sometimes one of them will get under my skin with stupid things they say but this one stuck in my craw. I went on the computer and Googled Geraldo. Much to my surprise Wikipedia says Geraldo lives in an old shingled estate. Really? That doesnít sound much like a place with an elevator either. It could be but it doesnít seem likely.

You donít suppose he was telling a fib do you? Really?

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