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Story ID:10296
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Gilboa New York USA
Person:Obama, Colmes, Steen
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By Fred Wickert

I wonder sometimes if people listen to what they say. I turned on the TV this morning and Obama was talking to the Dept. of Homeland Security. He was touting his new budget he is submitting to Congress.

A few years ago then Senator Obama rose to speak on the floor of the Senate chamber. He was upset about our national debt and chastising George Bush for letting the debt get so high. The national debt had risen to nine trillion dollars. Obama said that was downright criminal and unpatriotic.

Now, a little more than seven years later, Obama has been president most of that time. Now the national debt is double that nine trillion he said was criminal and unpatriotic. Now it is eighteen trillion dollars and growing. So in his speech Obama first assures his audience that he has improved the economy and everything is all roses and sunshine. He then said during the last seven years he has cut the deficit by one third. Then he repeated it just to make sure everybody heard it.

I wonder if he listened to what he said. He said he had cut the deficit by one third. If the deficit was nine trillion when he took over and it is eighteen trillion now, how in the world did it get cut a third? Did he mean he had decided not to raise it another six trillion? I doubt it. I just donít get it. It makes no sense to me.

After saying that, Obama went on to explain his new budget plan that will raise the national debt another four trillion a year. Was he listening to what he was saying? It doesnít look like it to me.

A short time later on the same TV network Allen Colmes, radio talk show host and Obama apologist also stated that Obama has the economy doing fine and that Obama had reduced the national debt by one third. If that is true I wonder why Obama and Colmes are the only ones in the country that know about it.

Even later a woman meteorologist for FOX Cable News came on. Her name is Janice Steen or Osteen. I am not sure which. She was all fired up with warnings about todayís snow storm on the Eastern sea board. The temperatures all over were already quite cold. It was 15 degrees where I live but a few hours later I heard her say the same thing all over again and it was then 12 degrees. She said it was going to be particularly dangerous tonight because snow and moisture on power lines was going to freeze. The temperature was going to fall another 15 degrees and so the snow was going to freeze.

Please pardon my ignorance about freezing, but isnít any temperature below 32 degrees already freezing? Isnít snow frozen water? With all that snow on the ground, isnít it already freezing? Isnít snow on power lines at 15 or even 12 degrees already frozen? I think it is.

So I wonder when I hear all these things one right after the other, if people ever listen to what they are saying? If they listened, does it not make sense that maybe they might make some changes? Apparently not because they didnít change a thing. Maybe Iím just eccentric in my old age and maybe I am the one who isnít running on all cylinders.

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