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Story ID:10301
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:San Antonio Texas USA
Person:US Air Force
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By Fred Wickert

I am extremely angered by something I read in the WND news today. I have been increasingly angered at the trend for some time. I have been proud to have served in the United States Air Force for 20 years and 9 days. With the Air Force trampling on the first amendment rights of its members today, I cannot say that I am proud of the Air Force. It tramples all over the right of freedom of religion and of freedom of speech these days. I know the other branches of service are struggling with the same thing. It is not only the Air Force.

It is political Correctness run amuck and it is a Commander in Chief with no guts, back bone or moral decency.

This particular case is as follows:

Regarding the Air Force Reserve Command website, an article posted there is being threatened to be censored by the Air Force Reserve Command. The article is about a couple, Senior Master Sergeant Larry Gallo and his wife Yvonne, together with their two daughters, Daizha and Peree. For several years now, they have travelled to Mexico and Guatamala to bring medical aid to indigenous people who otherwise would have none. This is how the Gallo family spends their Christmas holidays.

This past Christmas they went to Guatemala and the article is about their trip and the people they helped. They get funding and help for these trips from a group who sponsors them. The name of “Christ” is a part of the name of the group. This time there also was a pastor who accompanied them.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation sent a letter to the Air Force objecting to the article on the grounds that the word “Christ” was in the name of the group mentioned as sponsors of the trip, and a pastor accompanied them on the trip and was therefore part of the article. In their letter they complained that by allowing the article to appear on the website, that the Air Force was unlawfully endorsing specific religion.

The Air Force threat to censor the article outraged the Chaplains Alliance for Religious Liberty. They sent a letter to Col. William Whitenberger Jr., Commander of the 433 Airlift Wing, Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland, Texas. They advised him that the Supreme Court has made clear that as long as the military grants equal access to both secular and religious speech, “It does not endorse, or disapprove of religion.” The Supreme Court has ruled this not once, but seven times.

In October the Air Force removed an article by Col. Florencio Marquinez in which he expressed his Christian faith. At the same time, another piece by Senior Airman Jerrod Grammel called, “Atheist Ponders Spiritual Fitness,” remains posted.

It is noted that the Air Force recently clarified its policies governing religious expression. Under this policy the article should be permitted.

At this time, the Gallo article remains posted with an advisory at the top, that it is being reviewed to determine if it is consistent with Air Force standards.

I ask why? I submit that any ordinary eighth grade student in school should easily be able to determine whether or not it is within Air Force standards. One should think anyone with enough education and intelligence to become an Air Force Col. and commander of an Air Lift Wing should be able to figure that one out instantly and not have to have it under review.

I think normally they would, but Obama has in the last couple of years, fired more than 200 of our top military officers and commanders because they didn’t think the way Obama does. It has robbed our military of our best leaders. I suggest this Col. Is afraid for his job and is waiting to see what the White House opinion is before deciding what to do with this article.

Ladies and Gentlemen and fellow Americans, I say to you that this Political Correctness and this attack on Christianity has got to STOP! Every time you turn around, there is another attack on Christianity. Other faiths seem to be tolerated and anything Muslim is even promoted and whatever they do is let slide, but anything Christian is under attack. It is time for we Christians to stop being the silent majority and to stand up and fight for God and Jesus Christ. It is protected by the Constitution of The United States. It is high time we start demanding our rights under that Constitution and fighting against the ACLU and Planned Parenthood and all these others that are trying to squash the Christian and Jewish faiths.

As one person we can’t do much, but we can do some. Be vocal about it. Denounce and even boycott doing business with any news media outlet that supports it, and let their sponsors know you will boycott them if they continue to sponsor them. Send letters to companies supporting suppression of recognizing Christ at Christmas time and tell them you will boycott them if they continue the practice.

The Atheists and the Muslims complain and all the big companies and politicians go overboard to appease them. It is time we complain loud and clear. The population of the nation is said to be 86% Christian. Don’t allow the complaints of a handful of the other 14% to have control. Be offended yourself and complain loud and clear. If enough of us do it often enough they will get the message and the pendulum will swing the other way. Much of that 14% are Jews. Every Jew I have spoken to, and there have been many, have told me they have no objection at all to anything Christian, so it is truthfully only three or four percent at the most that are controlling the country.
IT IS TIME TO STOP IT! We can do it if we try. The point is, YOU HAVE TO TRY! You can’t try just by telling your friends and family what a shame it is. You have to become involved. DO IT!

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