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Story ID:10302
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D. C. USA
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By Fred Wickert

At the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama thought he was being cute in his remarks to the audience. He missed his mark because he was not cute and nobody thought it was. Today everywhere, people are wondering just how ignorant he is.

He was trying to be an apologist for ISIL terrorists and to tone down the passions of people after they had burned a Jordanian pilot alive in a cage, while all the time negotiating with Jordan as though that pilot was very much alive.

In Obama’s comments he tried to make it sound like it wasn’t so bad. After all, he pointed out, during the Crusades the Christians did some bad things in the name of Jesus Christ. He went on to say that in our own history with slavery that we had done some pretty terrible things and had excused it because it was in the name of Jesus Christ.

N the first place, the Crusades took place more than a thousand years ago. People then had no guns, no explosives or other modern weapons to fight with. They fought with swords and spears and some used a bow and arrow. They cut off the heads of their opponent all the time. That is because they fought with swords. Guess what Obama, their opponent did the same things. They may have been dealing it out but they were getting it the same way.

I suppose they probably did burn people at the stake. I know they did to Joan of Arc. They did so in the belief they were destroying a witch. They were destroying what they believed to be supernatural powers.

Times have changed and what was considered normal or even justified behavior is not today. Furthermore Obama, you are fully aware of that.

In regards to your remarks concerning slavery in this country, let me begin by pointing out that it was the Arabs that hired African war like tribes to attack peaceful villages and take all the prisoners they could, to be sold in to slavery. They were Muslims Obama, and they were your ancestors, for you are half Arab.

They sent them to Europe and America to be sold as slaves at auction blocks. The white people who bought them did not believe they were human beings at the time. They believed they were livestock to be used as beasts of burden on their plantations and farms. They were treated like livestock. When one of them got sick or injured, they didn’t send for the doctor and if they had the doctor had to refuse because that had to be considered as insane. No doctor was summoned. The Vet was sent for because the Vet was the animal doctor. They were not treated as people but rather as animals because in those days, in their ignorance people believed they were animals.

I was not there Obama and neither were you, but I have read a lot about the subject. I have read about how the Arab slave traders obtained them in the first place. They bought them from other Blacks who raided their villages and kidnapped them by armed force. I read about the Arab slave traders who put them on ships in horrendous conditions. These were all Muslim people Obama, not Christians.

I read about the slave auctions when they reached the American shores. I read about the wealthy plantation owners who bought them as livestock to be used in the fields for labor. These owners for the most part were not overly religious men. It is true that some of them went to church with their families, more likely for appearance sake more than being very religious. I read about how the slaves drove their carriages all dressed up in fancy uniforms and how there were chains with shackles anchored to the walls of the church to keep them from taking off while they were in church.

I read where many of them were brutally whipped for various infractions. I never read about burning them or beheading them as they were valuable livestock and it was just so costly to do such a thing that it was unthinkable for that reason alone. To lose a prime slave in those days was like losing a good car or farm tractor now days. Even the whippings were kept to a minimum because a problem type slave was usually sold and people did not pay very much for slaves with welts on their bodies from being whipped. That was like hanging a sign on them saying they were trouble makers and guaranteeing a low price.

In all of the many books I have read on the subject, I never once read anything about someone mistreating a slave saying it was in the name of Jesus Christ. Not once! It just doesn’t make sense that they should do that either. Remember, they were considered livestock. Have you ever heard of a rancher whipping his horse and yelling that he was doing it in the name of Jesus Christ? Did you ever see a farmer when he slapped a cow on the rump call out, “In the name of Jesus Christ?” Did you ever see anybody getting ready to butcher a pig yell out, “In the name of Jesus Christ?”

Of course you didn’t and neither did anyone else. It might have happened once or twice in the history of slavery but I doubt it. I think this is just another one of your lies. I don’t think there is any history anywhere of that.

The Mohamed of Islam was a warrior. He wrote the Quoran and laid out all these people that were supposed to be killed – especially the infidel. Sharia law is full of reasons to cut off some ones hands or to kill people for various infractions. It is a part of their religion. You cannot get away from it.

On the other hand, Jesus Christ was love. He taught to love your neighbor. He taught forgiveness saying revenge belonged only to God. He taught if someone were to smite you on the cheek, to give them the other cheek. He taught forgiveness. He willingly gave his life so we could be saved.

There is a huge contrast between the two Obama, You cannot excuse the behavior of ISIL and the Muslim extremists by pointing out some atrocities that a few Christians committed a thousand years ago. It just will not wash. Even the Muslims are beginning to wonder about you and your constant sympathizing with the Muslim Extremist Terrorists which you cannot even bring yourself to name.

Your efforts to lump Christians with the Muslims and to make light of the burning alive of that Jordanian plot in your remarks at the Prayer Breakfast went over worldwide like a lead balloon. Just like all your other policies Obama, it was a complete failure and total disaster.

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