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I Married Santa

Story ID:10321
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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Christmas, 2014, was just weeks away. I was out of work. Our money was short.
We did not plan to share expensive gifts, we never have, because we never could afford
them. This year would be the same. I’d do my Twelve-Most-Memorable moments of the
year, hide them around the apartment, and laugh as Gin tries to figure out the clues to
where they are hidden. She’d get a few small gifts. I’d get chocolate.

We’d be happy being together. We always are.

Ginny sat beside me on the sofa, “Mike, we need to talk.”

I knew that tone. She was going to ask me something …a favor. “OK?”

Gin looked at me, “I dropped our rent check off at the office this morning.
While I was there, I talked to Megan.” She’s our property manager. “She said there is
a single mom in our community with five children, who is worried how she is going
to give her children anything for Christmas.”

Megan and Ginny decided to get the children’s wish list.

They had a mission.

Ginny received a copy of the list. She talked to a co-worker at her store. This lady
worked in the toy department. She agreed to help pick out the items.

The next day, Ginny was at the store, got the items with her friend’s help. Ginny
used her store discount and was able to get almost everything on the list for a little over
two hundred dollars.

Co-workers asked, “Why are you getting all the toys and stuff? Your grandkids
aren’t in town.”

Gin explained what she was doing.
She called me from the car on her way home. “Michael, I managed to get
almost everything on their lists.” I heard the tears in her voice. “Mike, when my co-
workers learned what I was doing, they began chipping in. Those that didn’t have money
on them, promised to donate within the week.”
The spirit of Christmas hit everyone.

In the end, it cost Gin and I about forty dollars, thanks to the help of her co-

Megan, our property manager, got the remaining things on the list.

It’s an example of how a good deed can spread.

I learned from our property manager, the mom was amazed Megan was able
to get all the things on her children’s lists. Her children would be happy.

This Mom does not know we were involved in this giving. We remain anonymous.

The office at our complex holds a Christmas party for the children in the
clubhouse. I got to play Santa. As families came and went, Megan walked up to me
and whispered, “Mike, that lady that just came in with the children is the family we

I know who they are, but they’ll never know who Santa was.

I know who Santa is. I married her.

Michael T. Smith