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Dr. Osman of Turkey - A Man of Compassion

Story ID:10327
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Avsallar - Turkey
Person:Dr. Osman
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There was a time when I liked nothing better than enjoying a box of chocolates.
Of course, that was before my pre-vegan days though. Since then I have moved
on and there are things which bring me even more pleasure than a box of chocolates.

And today – Valentine’s Day as well as the feast of our Slavic patrons- Ss. Cyril
and Methodius has started with the account of one very caring vet from Turkey.
Reading about him was even better than getting a box of vegan chocolates- if
there is such a treat.

Harmony Fund carries the accounts of the good work which is being doing overseas
by various fledgling animal groups in Romania, Serbia and others. There I came across
their post re a “Veterinarian With a Heart as Big as the Moon.” Intrigued, I read on.
I soon realized that the writer for Harmony Fund describes him so well in two sentences
that I copied them:

“If we didn’t know better, we’d swear that Dr. Osman has supernatural powers. He
seems to float from one place to the next, instantly appearing by the side of animals
who are very ill.”

This Turkish vet can be found in his clinic checking the temperature of a street cat
with a bacterial infection, and then an hour later he will be found on his knees by the
side of the road trying to gently coax a homeless dog who has been hit by a car to
come out from under the car where he has taken refuge.

Though he has some paying clients- most of his patients are homeless animals and,
of course, he treats them for free.

Harmony Fund has been sponsoring the care of street animals in Avsallar,Turkey
where Dr. Osman has his clinic. And then, it wasn’t long before they began to notice
his work for the animals. They learned that he uses a spare room as a foster care center
for street cats awaiting international adoption. They found out that he uses his own car
when he is told that there is an animal who needs help on the street.

Sadly this wonderful, caring doctor is not appreciated by all. Some of the nearby residents
confront him angrily for his concern for animals. They not only do not care if they are killed
on the streets –they even care less if they are suffering. How sad that these cruel people
don’t even begin to know the meaning of the word compassion.

Finally though- through Harmony Fund -Dr. Osman will get some compensation for work
that he has largely been doing for free. They recently sent him a donation to spay/neuter
another 100 stray cats. By doing so, they want him to know that they and those who support
Harmony Fund stand beside him. And they note, that even though the group and its supporters
may be separated by thousands of miles -we all stand together.

Today on Valentine’s Day - reading about this incomparably kind and compassionate vet is
much better than even getting a box of vegan chocolates on Valentines Day.