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Story ID:10337
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All All USA
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By Fred Wickert

At the end of World War II the people of the world were horrified upon learning of the Holocaust and the atrocities of Nazi Germany at the hands of Adolf Hitler. All agreed he wasn’t human, but a monster. How could this happen they asked? How could the world have let it happen?

It became a watchword of the civilized world, “Never again! Never again! We must never let it happen again.” All agreed that mankind could not and would not ever allow such a thing to happen again. It was unthinkable.

The United Nations was formed. The United Nations, an organization of the nations of the world was going to police the world and they were to guarantee never again could anything like the Holocaust be repeated. The nations of the world were to ban together under the flag of the United Nations and put a stop to it if anyone ever tried to do such a horrible thing.

Later on the nations of the Atlantic got together and decided they were going to get together and form NATO. If one were attacked, it was the same as attacking all of them and they were to put the forces of all the nations in Nato as one to fight against any who attacked them. They were to protect each other against hostilities.

Wonderful ideas we all were convinced. The world was to become a better and more peaceful place because of the UN and NATO. Well, it sounded good and it looked good on paper.

The Holocaust! Never Again! Oh yeah? That turned out to be a lot of horse puckey didn’t it? Right off the bat I can think of Mao Tse Tung, Idi Amin, Pol Pot. Each of them was responsible for the horrific murder of millions of people. Not millions together, but millions for each one of them. What ever happened to, “Never Again?” Absolutely nothing. The world sat on their hands and did absolutely nothing about it.

Where was the UN? They were busy figuring ways to relieve the United States of a few more billions of dollars. After all, we were easy pickings so why not? We were also dumb enough to let them get away with it, and nothing has changed.

Now it is happening again. A huge group of Muslim Terrorists is on a killing spree. They are killing Jews, Christians and other Muslims who don’t think like they do. As usual the rest of the world does absolutely nothing.

Oh, there are a few who do. There is a group called the Kurds who are fighting them tooth and nail, but there are not enough of them. They have no modern weapons nor do they have any heavy weapons to fight them with. Obama won’t give them any. As an afterthought Obama says, oh yes, they sent them weapons. They gave them to the Iraqis to give them to them. The Iraqis had a lot of them before but their American trained army threw them to the ground and ran so ISIS or ISIL could have them. Now they need some more because they gave all the ones they had to the enemy, so they are not giving them to the Kurds.

The Obama administration has a plan. If it helps our side, don’t do it. If it helps the enemy, then that is what we do. They send a few bombing raids now and then to make it look good, but they broadcast what we will and what we won’t do so they can get out of the way and we only bomb empty buildings.

Now the Obama administration is going to get really tough. We are going to put American troops to advise the Iraqi troops who we are training now, to attack Mosul and take it back from the terrorists in a couple of months. We are going to tell ISIS all of our plans. We are telling them when we are coming and what units are coming in where and from what direction. We are telling them where to build up their defenses and reinforcements. We used to keep all that stuff secret, but I guess now it is the politically correct thing to do. We don’t want anyone to be at an unfair advantage, except maybe us.

Egypt of course, and the King of Jordan have got angry with what is going on, and they are going to fight them, whether we do or not.

In another part of the world, a country we together with NATO promised Ukraine we would provide a security umbrella for them. Now Russia at the behest of Putin is running all over them, and we won’t even send them weapons we promised to give them. Instead we send then MRE’s. Maybe Obama thought some American style cooking might make them better fighters. Of course, the MRE’s are made in other countries under contract to the United States. We mustn’t let those greedy American manufacturers have the contracts. If we did maybe there might be less unemployment in the United States.

Meanwhile, back on the home front Obama wants to open the borders wide so all of Mexico and South America can come here looking for a job, Medicaid, food stamps and a good education for their kids. We need jobs for our own citizens so we open our doors to thousands upon thousands of Muslin refugees from Syria and from Samolia.

Wait a minute! How do we know some of those are not refugees at all, but terrorists coming here to do Jihad? Oh let not your heart be troubled. According to the White House, we have assurances from the United Nations they are all just harmless refugees. I guess Obama and Kerry believe it, but I doubt many others do. Oh by the way, how come the media has not told us about those thousands and thousands of Muslim refugees? More importantly, how come the White House has not told us?

Tonight I heard Kerry complaining that all those who are objecting to the treaty he is working on with Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program, are objecting only because we don’t know what is in it. Yes John Kerry, I think that is a fair statement. It is because you won’t tell us what is in it. If it is such a good deal Kerry, why is what’s in it such a secret? What is in it you don’t want us to know about?

I will tell you Jon Kerry, that you, Barack Obama Hillary Clinton and Iran have all proven to us that none of you can be believed and none of you can be trusted.

There is one country whose people say, “Never Again” and really mean it. That country is Israel. They are not going to let it happen again if they can help it. You John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have all turned your backs on Israel, have betrayed Israel, have given aid and comfort and propaganda in favor of their enemies continuously, while at the same time telling them, “You have no greater friend and we have your back.”

To the rest of the world except Israel, Never Again means nothing at all. We have proven it several times over. We cannot be trusted or depended upon to back it up and we have proven it time and again.

We have recently proven NATO is a useless joke. We have been proving for over fifty years that the United Nations is a useless waste. For the United States it has been a rat hole for us to pour our money down. I believe both are a failure and both should be done away with.

Obama says we are no longer a Christian nation. I disagree. Jews and Christians alike have been and continue to be targeted by the terrorists. It is going to get worse. If we sit on our hands and do nothing we will be next. By then it will be too late. It is almost already too late because what was to be Never Again is already happening right now and we are all waiting for somebody else to do something to stop it.

If we don’t all do something, it is not going to stop! They will stop at nothing. As an example of that I heard on the news tonight somewhere in the Middle East, they sent in a ten year old girl to blow herself up. Let that sink in. A ten year old girl was sent in to blow herself up. That is the kind of enemy we are dealing with.

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