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Story ID:10339
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
Person:John Kerry
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By Fred Wickert

We had Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State for four years. She did not turn out to be the brightest bulb in the lamp. I cannot think of a thing she accomplished in that office. Then she resigned and the President appointed Senator John Kerry to the job. First he went to Gaza and Israel. He was going to succeed in making a Palestinian state where all others had failed. He was going to give everything Israel had to the Palestinians, even though he forgot to ask Israel first. When Israel said no way, the Palestinians started firing rockets in to Israel. Kerry blamed it on Israel. The Palestinians were shooting the rockets in to Israel and Kerry was saying it was all Israelís fault because they were the aggressor.

I never understood what was the matter with his head. It seemed obvious to me, but Kerry could not see. I guess he thought Israel was firing hundreds of rockets at the Palestinians every day. He talked and sounded like it. Obama said what Kerry said.

Now they are dead set on negotiating a deal on nuclear weapons with Iran. Kerry and Obama are telling everybody what a wonderful deal it will be. The Prime Minister of Israel believes it is not a good deal. His country has the most at stake and his country is within the nearest distance, and Iran has made no secret that they want Israel to be gone from the face of the earth. If they get a nuclear weapon it doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure out where they will use it. Israelís Prime Minister is frightened by it for the safety of his country. Kerry says, he worries too much. Kerry says nothing to worry about because he is in charge now and everything will be okay.

The Speaker of the House invited the Prime Minister to come and speak to both houses of Congress because a lot of the members are skeptical about what they are being told by Obama and Kerry. After all, we have seen that Obama tells a lot of whoppers and we have seen that Kerry is not very confidence inspiring either. They want to hear what the Prime Minister has to say. Obama is having a child like hissy fit Ė a real juvenile temper tantrum because the Speaker did not ask his permission first. Strange he should be so upset about it because he has done more than his share of doing things without asking Congress first, when the law requires it. The law does not require The Speaker ask him before inviting someone.

Obama complains that the timing is all wrong. He says the Prime Minister is coming up for reelection soon, and it may unfairly influence the outcome of his election. Something of course that Obama would never think of doing. Of course Obama sent a hundred of his reelection campaign workers to Israel for a couple of months to help the Prime Ministers opponent defeat him in the election, but I suppose he thinks that is fair.

Yesterday Secretary of State testified before Congress. He told Congress that in spite of ISIS and all they have done, that we here in the United States, and that the rest of the world is safer right now than they have been for years. He and Obama both have recently been reassuring that we here in the USA have nothing to worry about, and that we are making great strides against ISIS.

The FBI director who has been working for the government for 50 years in the field of National Security testified to Congress that we are in more danger today than he has seen it in the last 45 years. Kerry said 2014 was more peaceful with fewer deaths from terrorists than the previous decade. The FBI director says reports not yet all in, indicate thousands more deaths have taken place all over the world from terrorism and he fears for the USA. He stated that the FBI right now has terrorist investigations going on right now in all 50 states.

I guess Kerry, like Hillary and Obama, doesnít bother to read the intelligence reports. With people like Obama and Kerry taking care of us, we donít need any enemies. Lord God Jehova, please help us! We need it so much, and while your at it Lord, please help Israel too. We are supposed to be her ally but these two, Obama and Kerry will throw her security and ours away to get a nuclear agreement from Iran. They think that is the most important but I think that agreement from Iran is not important at all. I donít think Iran will honor any agreement anyway. They donít have a very good track record in that regard.

Meanwhile, Kerry is angrily denouncing everyone who criticizes the nuclear agreement with Iran when we havenít even seen it. Since you mentioned it John Kerry, just why is it that you are making sure no one knows what is in it? If it is such a good deal, how come nobody is allowed to see it? Why is that John Kerry? What are you hiding? What is it we donít know? Before there is any agreement, we the people and the people of Israel have a right to see it. We are the ones whose lives are most at stake!

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