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Story ID:10359
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
Person:Obama, Kerry, Hillary
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By Fred Wickert

Politics is a rotten and dirty business. Back before the World Trade Center was hit by terrorists for the second time, many leading Democrats made speeches about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They spoke of the monster Saddam Hussein and his stock pile of these weapons. They spoke of his testing them by having helicopters spay poison gas in two Kurdish villages and how it was to see how well the gas worked. It worked so well that every living thing in those villages was killed. Every human, animal, bird and even insect died. Saddam had to be stopped.

Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and every other notable of the Democrat Party of the time made these speeches. Some of them did it several times and it is all a matter of record in the national archive of the congressional record. It is there for all to see. Without exception they all said something had to be done. This had to be stopped and so did Saddam Hussein.

Two planes crashed in to the twin towers and another in to the Pentagon in Washington. Then President George Bush said Al Qaida, headquartered in Afghanistan was responsible so we had to do something about it. There was a U.N. no fly zone in Iraq. As usually is the case, the United States was carrying the work load for the U.N. and we were enforcing the no fly zone. The anti-aircraft weapons of Iraq were turned on our planes. There also was this weaponís of mass destruction pressure from the Democrats. Something had to be done.

We invaded Iraq but not until we told them we were coming and it took a couple of months to get all our troops and equipment mobilized and moved to the starting point for the invasion. During this time the weapons of mass destruction were loaded on tractor trailer trucks and there was a convoy of the weapons and members of Saddamís family that went to Syria. We had areal photos of the convoy on route. We had an Iraqi Army deserter who had been with the convoy who had told intelligence that the weapons were going to have half kept in Syria and the other half sent on to Lebanon. The film of the convoy entering Syria was shown on TV and was shown to the United Nations. Colin Powell showed other footage to the U.N. of mobile ab trucks used to make biological and chemical weapons on the spot.

War against Iraq was declared and we went in to Iraq. A few old weapons of mass destruction were found. A warehouse of them was also found but nobody guarded it for a month. As an afterthought, when troops were sent to guard it, the building was empty, a huge blunder of the Army. Then the word went out. Bush lied. We went to war because of weapons of mass destruction and when we got there, none were found. It was all a hoax they said, to get us to attack Iraq. Bush lied.

Bush Lied became the Democratís mantra. Ever since then the cry has been repeated over and over that Bush lied. We were fooled by him in to believing there were weapons of mass destruction and all the time there were none there and he knew it. He just told that lie to get us to go along with his war. It has never stopped. Bush is long gone and Obama has less than two years left but it is still going. I have heard several references to it in the last few days on TV. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry both have mentioned it in the last few days. There have been others.

What hypocrisy from Hillary Clinton and John Kerry! Both of them made speeches in Congress about it and urging something be done about it long before Bush ever mentioned it. They of course believe that the American people have forgot all about that by now. How convenient.

Now Hillary is under fire for illegal e-mails and hiding e-mails and part of the defense is that, well, Colin Powell did it. What Colin Powell did was early in the beginning of the use of e-mail and he didnít do much of it. Hillary did all of hers in violation of newer laws and knew she was doing it. She herself even fired an ambassador for doing it at the same time she was doing it.

At the same time Senator Mendez from New Jersey has been objecting to the Iran nuclear treaty Obama and Kerry are trying to pull off. Suddenly there is a leak from the justice department that Mendez is going to be indicted for taking free rides with a friend on his jet.

Obama had to know what Hillary was doing, but he is defending her from a distance. How did it become known that Hillary was doing it? Well, we donít really know but a famous Democrat said yesterday that the Mendez thing is a message from the administration. A message to not get out of line and keep your mouth shut. He also said that John Kerry wants that Iran nuclear deal as bad as Obama does. He wants to run for President but he canít as long as Hillary still has it all sewed up. If Hillary can be got rid of he can run. So, leak it to the New York Times. Suggest it also makes her in violation of the same crime with classified material that General Petraeus just got burned for. Also leak it that while Secretary of State Hillary was soliciting and accepting foreign donations to the Clinton foundation in return for special favors. It might just cause Hillary to drop out of the race. If not, maybe a couple more leaks will get her indicted.

Of course if he runs Kerry must think he has the swift boaters under control and people have short memories. Maybe people wonít remember that in the Vietnam War, there was a wounded 15 year old boy who was unarmed, wounded, and had only his pants. That he was running away and John Kerry shot him in the back and killed him. Being the only officer there he wrote himself a recommendation for a silver star which he was awarded instead of the murder indictment he should have been given.

I could never make it in politics. I couldnít be rotten enough to be a successful politician Ė especially at the top. Of course, no matter how rotten I was or how crooked I could be, maybe I could get away with it if I just said loud and often that Bush lied and Bush did it.

There are two other obstacles to my being a top level politician. I love my country a lot more than I love myself, and my love of God and Jesus Christ make me too honest to look the other way no matter how much it cost me, and impossible to do to others what they do to others.

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