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Story ID:10369
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Unknown Unknown USA
Person:The Voice
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By Fred Wickert

I don’t recall where it happened, but it was somewhere in the USA. I don’t think it much matters where it happened. The important thing is that it did happen. It happened a day or two ago and today the networks are all a buzz with it.

A woman driving her car became sick. She lost control of her car and went over a bank into a stream of water, close to a bridge. The car was in the water upside down for nearly fourteen hours. It was not particularly urgent they get her out of her car because she was killed.

As workers came to the scene to try to pull the car out of there, some of them heard a voice coming from the water in the car. The voice said, “Please help me.” At first those that heard the voice thought they were hearing things. How could this be and there was no one to be seen? Where was the voice coming from? Then the other workers heard the voice. Now they had all heard it and they heard it more than once. The voice distinctly said, “Please help me.”

One of the men went in to the water and in to the car. He had to check to be sure no one else was in the car aside from the driver who they knew had been dead for hours. The man discovered an infant hanging in a child seat, strapped in the car. The child was hanging inches above the water. It had been there for fourteen hours. The situation was grim because the position of the car with the water running through the car made it impossible to get to.

All of the men worked together and with sheer human force, they turned the car over and were then able to pull the infant out of the car. The infant was sent to the hospital where it was treated for hypothermia. Aside from having hypothermia and having lost its mother, the infant is fine. The infant is under two years of age.

No one knew the infant was there. Due to the circumstances of the car, no one could see it. That those men with nothing but their own muscles were able to overturn the vehicle in the water and in the cold winter conditions was a miracle. An even greater miracle is that the infant was okay after all it had been through.

Even more baffling was that mysterious voice. They all heard it. It was saying, “Help me.” Who was saying it? The infant could not have said it. None of the men involved in the rescue were the voice. No one else was around except the mother of the infant who was the driver of the car and had been dead for many hours.

The voice was not possible. No one was there who could have been that voice. All of them heard it. It is because of that voice the infant was found and rescued. No one who was there can explain it.

I was not there and I have no evidence but my faith. I offer three possible explanations. I know immediately atheists are going to disagree with me. They will say I am all wet. I suggest one, that could have been the voice of God. I suggest that two, it was the voice of Jesus Christ and three and the most likely, that it was the voice of an Angel that God had sent to do the job.

I know many will say I am wrong. I say prove it. I see no other possibility. Whichever of the three it might have been, I say the hand of God was at work here!` Don’t tell me I am wrong unless you can come up with a plausible explanation otherwise. Don’t just say I’m wrong, but prove me wrong and that a logical alternative exists.

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