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Story ID:10377
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
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By Fred Wickert

The United States has no greater ally than the nation of Israel. Israel had a national election. Our President does not conceal his dislike for the Prime Minister of Israel. He was greatly peeved because the Speaker invited the Prime Minister to come and speak to a joint session of Congress, without asking his consent. He was more peeved when the Prime Minister accepted.

Our President excused his rudeness and displeasure saying that he did not want to be seen as in any way influencing the election to be held in Israel two weeks after the speech. At the same time he was sending more than a hundred people, all his former reelection campaign staff, to Israel to campaign against the Prime Minister and his party.

Now the election is over. The Prime Minister and his party won heavily. The President is upset. That was not supposed to happen. He was all set to celebrate the Prime Ministers defeat, but he won.

Common courtesy requires that Obama pick up the phone and call Netenyahoo and congratulate him on his win. Even opponents here in the United States do that. Not Obama. He is being like a spoiled rotten little kid having a tantrum. Now because of criticism in the news there has been talk that he might have the Vice President call tomorrow or even the Secretary of State, or maybe even both.

I believe the rest of the world must be shaking their heads. What an embarrassment he is to the United States. Not just for this either. There is a long string of reasons. The red lines he drew in Syria or the failure to send anyone to France to show our solidarity after they were attacked, and a growng list of scandals.

He has used racism or the accusation thereof ad nausea. He and Holder and Sharpton are always quick to pounce on anyone or anything they can to accuse someone of racism if they just happen to disagree with Obama. On the other hand, he has not hesitated to show his anti-Semitism.

His anti-Semitism is also racism. Is it possible he doesnít know that? I really donít think so. Does Obama believe the people are too stupid to see his racism? Or does he think racism is only bad when it is against blacks? It is the same thing! Black against white and anybody against Jews is racism any way you look at it. It is no different at all than white against black or brown or yellow. It is all racism and it is equally wrong.

Yes President Obama, you too are a racist and you are an embarrassment to the United States of America!

By the way President Obama, if you decide because of the public criticism to make that phone call in a few days, it wonít help. That phone call should have been made as soon as the polls showed him as the winner. In a few days because you had to or were shamed in to it is another insult. It will not excuse your childish behavior.

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