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First days on Okinawa

Story ID:10389
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:Chelsa Kansas Ki
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First Days on Okinawa

While standing on dry land
After 30 days on the seas
Twas hard to stand still
Still wobbly at the knees

Taken by truck
To the 25th. Repple Depple
In the bleachers, took a seat
For the SSgt’s. Critique

Issued a canvas Army cot
Definitely “Rump Sprung”
Later we were sent
To a canvas Army Squad tent

In the heat of Okinawa
Almost croaked
From the acrid smell
Of Creosote

Tent was in “Happy Valley”
Not far from “Chocolate Drop”
Where a major battle
On Okinawa was fought.

The landscape Surreal
Not a tree was taller than your knee
Mowed off by the shelling
In the battle on Okinawa, doncha see

Second day on dry land
Told to strike and tie down the tent
With K-ration, raincoat in hand
Behind a large rock we were sent

Later at noon
We were in the middle of a typhoon
High wind and rain
Whatta pain

Later on in the night
Island was a fright
Ships washed up on the beach
Whatta sight

Tents had big holes, clothes all wet
Bedding was soaked
Worse than a bad dream
This was Mother Natures joke

Next day called out
For a small detail, ha, ha
Loaded on a truck
Ended up in “Naha”

Loaded Japanese Rice wine
For the company PX
On the way back
We said what the heck

We broke open a case of Hot Wine
Uncorked a bottle apiece
Tasted mighty fine, two trips later
Had trouble standing on my feet

PX Officer gave us a dirty look
That’s all I remember
Woke up in the morning
Last day of September

With a bad headache
Decided to take a break
Went for a walk on the beach
A clearing of the head I did seek

There were thousands of machine guns
Still in the cosmoline
Rifles, Mortars
Crates of knives for the Marines

The fifth day on Okinawa
Was loaded on an LST
No idea where we were going
Ended up in Inchon, Korea-you see.

Monte L. Manka 03-23-2015