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Okinawa to Korea

Story ID:10392
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Chelsea Kansas USA
Person:Seasick chelsea Kaznsas Kid
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Okinawa to Korea

Okinawa to Korea

Okinawa to Korea
On an LST
Four day trip
For Mac and me

Left Okinawa early one morn
Four LSTís in a row
Three on their own power
One was in tow

Tow cable kept breaking
3 LSTís would slow
No progress were we making
Until cable spliced and ready to go

Finally our boat
Left the three
Went on alone
Out to sea

Issued an Army cot
Slept out on deck
Tied the cot to a gun tub
Pain in the neck

For at night
Came a rain squall
Not enough time for cover
Bed wet, blankets and all

We hit some small waves
Late one morn
That old tub
Would moan and groan

As that old tub
Would flex in the middle
Made a sound
Like a low note on a base fiddle

For something to do
We went down in the hold
Mail bags were floating in water
It was dark, damp, and cold.

Went topside
Broke out a deck of cards
Played some two handed games
For stashed chocolate bars

Day two was much ado
Firing the twin forty 40 mm guns
At a floating object that was black
Object went Boom, took off at a run

Couple guys got a pain in the neck
From flying iron
Falling on the deck
From the exploding mine

Talked to a sailor
I thought radar picked up the mine
Sailor said no
The Bow Watch made the find

Asked this Sailor
How long afloat the LST would last
If we bumped a mine
After the blast

Less that a minute
This flat bottomed boat
Would head for the bottom
And not stay afloat

The next two days
Hardly any sleep
Hoping the bow watch
Did not fall asleep

Pulled into Inchon, Korea
Dropped the ramp
Trip ended left the LST
Headed for dry land camp.

Monte L. Manka 03-25-2015