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Story ID:10394
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
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By Fred Wickert

I have always been an American! I love this country and have done my best to serve my country the best I know how. Most of my life after reaching adult hood has been spent in public service. Twenty years of it in a military uniform and being a veteran of the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War and the Cold War. I served five years in civilian life as a police chief and another number of years after that as a special deputy Sherriff, three years on the County Traffic Safety Board, two of them as Chairman, and my wife and I together took care of developmentally disabled adults in our home for the state for twenty eight years. I want to continue to support my country.

Right now I am torn as to how to support my country because I canít tell any more who is our friend and who is our enemy. It used to be pretty clear, but now I am confused. Great Britain used to be a great ally, but now President Obama snubs them. He snubs Canada. Israel was our greatest ally in the Middle East, but now Obama sends his top political election team to Israel and spends a lot of money to defeat the Prime Minister. He sent Hillary to ruin them in negotiations with the Palestinianís and had John Kerry follow up on it. Now he has thrown a hissy fit because the Prime Minister won reelection in spite of it all and declassified and told all their enemies all Israel has in the way of nuclear weapons and delivery systems for them.

He has declared that Iran will not have a nuclear weapon, period. Wait a minute. Didnít he also say that if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor, period? Anyway, he has Kerry negotiating with Iran so they wonít have a nuclear weapon for ten years. After that I guess itís okay if they have them.

Meanwhile, he drew a red line in the sand to the Syrian president. He said if they used chemical weapons, there were going to be drastic consequences. Chemical weapons they got from Iraq, which went out the back door of Iraq when our forces were coming in the front door, and then the Democrats said, ďSee, Bush lied. There were no weapons.Ē Those are the ones Iraq had. Anyway, after they used them, Obama said, okay, this time Iím serious. If you use those chemical weapons one more time there will be serious consequences. So they were used again.

Now those consequences have been determined. The President has to go. Therefore, as a consequence for crossing Obamaís line, we are going to arm and train a few thousand Syrian rebels to overthrow the regime Ė just as soon as we can ever figure out just which group are the right Syrian rebels. We are not sure just when that will be, because now ISIS is trying to take over Syria. Because of that we are doing some but not much, bombing in Syria to stop ISIS.

Meanwhile, ISIS is attacking Iraq, our supposed ally. The Iraq army was trained and equipped with lots of good modern weapons by us, so they could defend themselves. As soon as Iraq was attacked by ISIS, the army we trained took off their uniforms, left all the modern weapons behind and ran away. Now ISIS is armed with them.

Now we have a new Iraq army that is fighting ISIS. Iran wants Iraq too, so they are helping Iraq and so are we. We are doing support bombing. We have a few thousand advisors there training the Iraq army. We are also sometimes supporting them with attack helicopters.

Meanwhile the real fighters that are kicking ISIS butt are a group of people in Iraq called the Kurds. They are badly in need of weapons and we keep telling them we will give them weapons. The trouble is, the only weapons they get are what they manage to capture from ISIS. For some reason we can only deliver weapons for them to Baghdad and we tell Baghdad to pass them on to the Kurds. Baghdad says, okay, we will do that. Instead they keep them for themselves and the Kurds who are doing most of the fighting donít get them. When asked about it, the Obama government says, well we gave them a lot of MREís. Yes, that will help a lot. Meals ready to eat. Some weapons they are.

Now the Iranians who are our enemy ever since the days of Jimmy Carter have troops in Iraq under their most famous general, fighting ISIS and we are backing them up with air support.

Egypt was for many years our friend and ally. We gave their military a couple of billion dollars a year in aide. We made a deal to give them a bunch of fighters. Before they could be delivered a terrorist bunch headed by the Islamic Brotherhood took over the government in Egypt and declared Sharia Law, the law of the land.

Obama liked that. He was going to go through with the aid and the fighter jets. People said, hey wait a minute. They are a terrorist group. You canít do that. Obama replied that they are the same ones that are our friends running the show now in Palestine and we are friends so they arenít so bad. The Egyptians decided they were not having it and so they ousted the terrorists from power. Now Obama says, we got to hold up on that aid and on that group of fighters because we are not sure they represent the people.

In the meantime, Obama points to the government of Yemen as one of his greatest successes in the war on terror. The president of Yemen is giving us great support in the war on terror. We have a very large intelligence contingent there.

Iranian backed rebels have attacked Yemen. They have won most of the country. We have had to pull out our people from there. The important Yemen sea port we have used for years has been lost to us and the president of Yemen is on the run and reports are that he has fled the country. Iran is in control.

Egypt and the Saudiís have joined forces and are bombing Iranian backed rebel forces in Yemen. The United States is supporting the Saudiís in this effort. As all this is going on, the United States has removed Iran from their terrorist list. The largest supporter of terror in the Middle East, and we take them off the terror list. I guess that was to show Netanyahu who is boss.

While we are supporting Iran in Iraq but supporting the Saudiís in bombing Iran in Yemen, we are trying to make a deal with Iran in Geneva to wait until Obama is out of office a little while before they get their nuclear weapon so nobody can blame it on Obama.

Now, I want to be a patriot. I want to be supportive of our friends and allies. I want to be against our enemies. The trouble is, everything is so confusing anymore, I canít tell who the enemy is. Can anybody explain it all to me?

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