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First Day in Korea

Story ID:10399
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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First Day in Korea

First Day in Korea
(Land of the Morning Calm)
Entered Inchon Harbor
Korean fishing boats were on their side
Tied to the dock high and dry
Refloated at high tide

Were taken to mess
Must confess
Much better had we
Mac and me, on the LST

Okinawa was warm
Now in October,
In Korea, You see
Was cold as could be

First night were billeted in old Jap barracks
Giant cracks in the floor
Windows rattled
Wind rushed in around the door

Slept in my sleeping bag
Under two blankets, wool O. D.
Poncho on top
Still cold as could be

Went to sleep
First night in Korea
What I was in for
I had no idea

About nine in the morning
An ambulance arrived
With a Lt. and a Captain
29th. Gen Hospital stenciled on its side

Asked for the replacements
That’s Mac and me
Officers drove us to the 29th Gen. Hospital
Where we were to be

Helped set up the wards
For future inmates (patients)
Food was average
Sleeping quarters were great

For two years
I ordered Medical supplies
For the 400 bed hospital
And the patients inside

Medicines, requisitioned by me
Distributed by the lab
Bandages for the cuts
Blankets for the beds

Mac and I were treated great by all
We the first two replacements in quite a spell
We were treated like Officers
At the Chosun hotel.

Two years or so later
Mac and I
Headed for home
Bid all my fiends good bye
(Tried hard not to cry)

Out of our group
Two of us left, alive
I thank God
For letting me survive

Love to see my old buddies
It’s easy carrying on
Because I know we will meet again
In the “Great Beyond”

Monte L. Manka 3-28-2015