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Story ID:10405
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All cities All States USA
Person:Gay people
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By Fred Wickert

Political correctness has gone berserk. The nut fringe has gone way out of control! The gay people wanted to be allowed to get married. It is wrong and it is sinful as all get out but they insisted they have the right morally. They demanded the right legally. Now the courts for the most part have rewritten the laws and they say we have to let them marry each other. They won.

It is not enough for them to have won the legal right to get married. Oh no, that isnít good enough. Now they have to rub peopleís noses in it. Two cases immediately come to mind. One case, a woman in her 70ís has a florist business. She is a Christian and believes the Bible. The Bible says for two people of the same sex to lie together is an abomination to the Lord. It also says there is no salvation for those who do.

A gay couple are going to get married. They want her to make the flower order for their wedding. It is a direct violation of her religious beliefs to be a party to this wedding. For moral reasons and for reasons of her religious beliefs, she cannot be a party to this and so she refuses.

They can get the flower order done in a number of other places. They are not having their right to get married denied and they are not having to have their wedding without flowers. They just canít get their flowers from that one florist. Why not just get the flowers some place else and let it go at that? Oh no, they canít do that. They have to rub this old womanís nose in it. She believed it is a sin for her to be a part of it and did not want to commit that sin. These people file a law suit to strip her of all she has and to bring financial ruin down on her. They have been damaged in no way whatsoever. So why?

The law is going along with the gay people who filed the law suit. Political correctness demands it. They are violating the Constitution by denying this woman her religious freedom, but the Constitution doesnít matter any more. Political correctness rules. That oath of office the judges take these days doesnít matter either. You know, the part where it says I will defend, obey and uphold the Constitution? That doesnít matter any more. Political correctness comes first. PC reigns supreme.

The other case I have in mind is a baker. The baker has gay people among her friends and she has employed them for years in her business. Suddenly, one of her gay employees announces they are getting married and they want that bakery to make their wedding cake. Several other places are anxious to have their business, but no, they want it from that bakery and no other will do.

The person running the bakery is like the florist. That makes them a part of the wedding. That makes them a party to that sin and the Bible is emphatic! It is a big no, no. Therefore they deny the cake from that bakery. Nobody has been hurt in any way. There are no damages. The gay couple files a law suit. The baker did not want to be a part of their sin because their religious beliefs prohibit it. The gays want to punish the baker. Once again political correctness prevails instead of the Constitution.

Now a state has passed a state law that is the same as one Bill Clinton signed in to law, is the same as many other states already have, and a law exactly the same as President Obama supported and voted for when he was a state senator. The governor of the state that just passed the law says he will sign it. He is a Republican. The most of the media and the Democrats all over the country want that governorís scalp. Why? Because he dared to sign a bill in to law that guaranteed the religious beliefs of merchants could be protected when political correctness is going to violate them.

Political correctness is completely out of control. It has done more harm and damage to our country and to our freedoms than anything else I can think of. It is high time we put a stop to this insanity. All persons holding public office, including judges, need to begin adhering to their oath of office. If they cannot do that then they need to resign from that office. That starts with the President, the members of Congress, the members of the Supreme Court and all the way down the line, no matter how low that office is.

If you swore an oath of office, live up to it or get out. Gay people, if you wish to flaunt the commandments of God, go right ahead, but donít force non-believers to be a part of your sin. You have no right to do that, and that is not discrimination.

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