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Story ID:10411
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Everywhere All States USA
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By Fred Wickert

Today is April first and to most that means April Foolís Day. To me it has a different meaning. To me it is Momís birthday. She always told us she couldnít be fooled because she was born that day.

It is another day as well. It is the beginning of a season. It is the season when days grow longer and warmer. That means that in the day time your car gets hot inside and people start to use the Air Conditioner instead of the Heater.

It also means that you have to be more careful about leaving children and pets in your car. Even with the windows open a car gets very hot inside very fast. A child or a dog or other pet will die in that car. Every year people leave their child in the car. They think they will only be gone a few minutes but they get talking to somebody they didnít expect to see, and the time flies by quickly.

Being unaware of the time having passed they forget about the child or pet in the car. When they finally get back to the car, the child or pet is dead! It happens several times every summer. We hear about the death of a child on the news, but we donít hear about the death of a pet because it is not reported to police and never found out. It also escapes being reported because a dog is not considered news worthy enough.

Far too many pets and children are lost every year because they were cooked inside of a car. It is occasionally done intentionally by some sick minded person, but not usually. Usually it is just someone who forgot or who wasnít paying attention to the time.

It really does not matter because that child or that pet should never ever be left in a car in that season of the year. It is questionable when they are left in a car in the winter time too, but from April first to November first it should never happen.

Tragedy has happened so many times one might think nobody is stupid enough to do it anymore. We all know better now and it just isnít going to happen, right? Wrong! It still happens every year. People think it isnít that hot or they wonít be gone that long. They are wrong!

Sometimes well meaning people try to protect their child or pet with the air conditioning on and something goes wrong and tragedy still strikes. It happened to me once. My wife and I had a Grand Caravan Ė a large sized van. We were going in to a restaurant for lunch. The restaurant had lots of windows and we could sit where we could watch the van and see everything going on.

We left the motor running and the air conditioner on and locked it up securely. We had our little dog with us. We were sure everything was going to be okay. It was not okay. When we returned to the van and I unlocked the doors, the car was like an oven inside. The dog was laid out on the seat in really bad shape. We had brought a full cup of ice water with us for the dog. Thankfully we were able to wet a paper towel with it and cool her off gradually and we did manage to save her. The air conditioner had broken down while we were in the restaurant and we didnít know it. We came very close to losing our dog that day.

During these warm weather months, be very careful to never leave your child or your pet in the car. Many people think it is enough to open the windows an inch or so and they will be safe. Wrong! They will not be safe. They will get overheated anyway. Just donít do it!

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