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Story ID:10415
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All Muslim cities All Muslim States All Middle East
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By Fred Wickert

I have long been disturbed by some things in the Muslim religion. They just donít make any sense to me. I am by no means a scholar of the Muslim religion. I havenít even read the Koran. I know only what I have heard and what I have observed.

I have known of very well educated young men of the Muslim faith to have committed suicide by strapping a vest packed with explosives on to their body, then go into a populated area and detonate it. It kills a number of people, which is their objective, but it kills them too.

They do this willingly and deliberately. When I ask why someone will do such a thing, I am told that first, it makes them a martyr. Okay, I ask myself, where or what does it get them to be a martyr? After all, they are a dead martyr. What good is that? When they become a martyr, then what? Do people make a statue of them and pray to them or something like that?

Oh no, I am told that in the afterlife they are rewarded with 72 virgins. Okay, they get 72 virgins. Now they have them, what are they going to do with them? I know that in this life, they are allowed to have four wives. If they donít behave and do as they are told they are commanded to beat them. I donít get it. Are they because of their martyrdom going to be having 72 wives? If these virgins they are given are not going to be their wives, what do they do with the other 68?

It seems to me the very term ďVirginĒ is a sexual one. It means literally, a girl who has never had sex with a man. To be given 72 virgins implies that they are provided for him to have sex with. I donít know about the Muslims, but that is something that I for one, do not want. Just the thought of it makes me cringe. In the first place, having sex with a total stranger has no appeal to me. I want to get to know and even to like a woman before I am interested in going any farther with them.

At the rate of just one a day, it will take two 31 day months just to be introduced to them all. By the time you get acquainted with the last one, you wonít even remember the first one. You will have to get to know her all over again. Who can remember 72 names all at once anyway? I donít think I could.

On another angle, just how are you going to support 72 women all at once? Maybe you have them get jobs and support you. Can you imagine trying to fill out that income tax form? I shudder just to think of it.

Now, I know the Muslims donít celebrate Christmas so they can escape on that one, but imagine having to buy 72 birth day presents every year. Then how about anniversary gifts? What is the anniversary going to be? Is it the day you were given the 72 virgins? Or will the anniversary be the day you took the individuals virginity from her?

Another thing to consider is what these virgins look like. There has to be a reason why they are virgins in the first place. I understand they all wear a burka in public, but they take that off when in the privacy of the home. Are all 72 of them rejects? Are they all virgins because nobody else wanted them?

I donít know about that 72 virgins business. If I were a Muslim I think I might think that over for a while before I went out to become a martyr. After all, look around and what do you see? You see old men trying to convince you how great and wonderful it is to become a martyr and be given 72 virgins. These are the men in charge. Seriously, if it is such a good deal to become a martyr and be given 72 virgins, how come they arenít martyrs themselves? How come they are living as old men? If it is such a good deal as they are trying to convince you, why didnít they do it? If it were me I think I could smell a rat after a while.

I might even convert and become a Christian or a Jew. You might not get 72 virgins, and even if you do it is unlikely they will be given to you, but you could get along just fine without blowing yourself up. Wow! Just thinking about having 72 people all with PMS at the same time is enough to scare the hide off of you!

Then, just think about getting all 72 of them pregnant? What will you do then?

You had better sign up to be a Christian before it is too late!

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