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Story ID:10423
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Geneva unknown Switzerland
Person:Obama and Iran's Minister
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By Fred Wickert

What do you do when you are told two different stories and both story tellers are liars? Who or what are you supposed to believe? It is difficult to figure that one out isnít it?

For a couple of years now, Obama together with Russia, China, France, Germany and Iran have been having meetings in Geneva to try to make some sort of a deal to stop Iran from having a nuclear weapon. John Kerry has been leading the negotiations for the United States. You will notice, the one country that is the most severely and the most immediately affected by Iran having a nuclear weapon, the Nation of Israel, is not invited to the talks. The fact that Iran says all the time they are dedicated to the eradication of Israel is completely ignored.

Recently, the Prime Minister of Israel expressed his opinion on the proposed deal and Obama had a hissy fit. What Israel or her Prime Minister thinks is of no concern to Obama or to Kerry. A number of members of Congress sent a letter to the Ayatollah telling him that even if a deal is made, that without their approval the deal was only good as long as Obama is in office and not beyond that. Obama had a hissy fit over that too.

The fact that our system of government is supposed to be a government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE means nothing to Obama and Kerry either. I say that because the people of the United States have made it quite clear that they do not want this deal. Their elected representatives in Congress have also voiced their objection. Obama and Kerry only show their anger at this and proceed anyway. I guess they think this is a Dictatorship now and no longer a Democracy. Only what Obama and Kerry say matters.

Finally the deadline for the talks came and went but they kept on talking. Then the talks were over and Obama is celebrating and the minister for Iran is celebrating. Obama made a speech on TV to tell us all what a great deal they made. He read off a list of things agreed upon. Then a funny thing happened. The Iranian Minister in perfect English said, that is not what was agreed to. He read off a list of things agreed to that were the complete opposite of what Obama said.

Normally, one could immediately say one of these is a liar. The trouble is, we are in a quandary here because we know from Iranís history that they are liars. They have proved it over and over. We are witnesses to their repeated lying. You cannot believe anything they say.

On the other hand, Obama has proven to us repeatedly that he is a liar. We know from past experience that we cannot believe anything that Obama says. The same is true to a little lesser degree about John Kerry. We canít believe either one of them, and the other nations around the world donít believe them either.

To add insult to injury, we are asked, as is Congress, to trust them. There is absolutely nothing as yet on paper. There is only the word of Obama and Kerry and the Iranian Minister. The details are to be worked out in the next three months and then put on paper. It is all supposed to be finished by the end of June. It is unclear whether Congress or the American people will be able to see it then.

In the meantime, Israel, the one country in the world most affected by it is not only not part of the negotiations but is pretty much being told to sit down and shut up. Their Prime Minister and their ambassadors, and our former ambassadors by the way, are unanimous in saying that this is a bad deal.

Our former ambassadors have pointed out that President Clinton made a similar deal, including UN inspectors, with North Korea once upon a time. We all know how well that turned out. We can expect no less from Iran.

As for me, I have to agree with the Prime Minister of Israel when he said, ďNo deal at all is better than this deal.Ē Israel needs and will need in the coming future, our support and our help in any way we can give it to them. I know that Obama and Kerry will not. I hope we the people will.

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