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Story ID:10436
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Tokyo Honshu Japan
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By Fred Wickert

In the mid 1950’s I was stationed in the Air Force in Tokyo, Japan. We were in a building called Air Force Hall. It was an attractive building resembling to a degree, a castle. On the side facing the street it had two entrances on what was considered the front of the building.

At the time, on the right entrance to the building, you entered a large high ceilinged and wide hallway. Immediately to the right as you entered was our office and to the left was a small Japanese concession store. They sold a large assortment of souvenir’s and post cards, candy and chewing gum, bamboo fishing fly rods and assorted fishing lures, jewelry , camera film, etc. It opened on the intersecting hallway as well. It could be entered from either hallway.

On this particular day we were standing around in the hallway waiting for the courier to get back from Fuchu. It was pay day and the courier was going to be carrying the pay checks with him. Almost everybody that was off was standing there waiting to get their pay check.

I had acquired a pet monkey and I had my monkey with me. He had a collar very much like a dog collar around his waist and I had a 20 foot chain attached to it. I was allowing him to explore the floor and greet some of the other men. Monkeys are very curious creatures and always wanting to examine everything.

As we stood there waiting, there not being any customers in the little concession shop on the corner, the young Japanese girl working there was also standing out in the hallway. She was dressed in a plaid skirt, buttoned sweater, stockings, (panty hose had not yet been invented) and loafer type shoes.

The girl was standing near the center of the hallway, engaged in conversation with an older American woman who worked in one of the offices there in the building. She had her back to us and had not yet seen my monkey. She was standing with her feet apart a foot or so, with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

One of the other guys nudged me and told me to look. The monkey was close to the feet of the concession girl. Several of us began to pay close attention to see what was going to happen because the girl had no idea that monkey was there. The monkey got between the girls feet and looked up under her skirt. He reached up with his hand and grasped something. We assumed it was her panties. As he did he yanked downwards and made a chirping noise.

The girl let out a scream and her feet went at least a foot up off the floor when she jumped. All of us that had been watching burst out laughing, some even doubled over. When she screamed and jumped the monkey was frightened and dashed away from her so thankfully when she landed back on the floor she didn’t land on him.

Immediately when the girl saw what it was, she was all “Awwww,” and she bent over and picked him up and hugged him. She thought he was adorable. I walked over to retrieve my monkey and I asked her if I did that, if she would hug me and love me up too? In reply, I got a very dirty look and a definite, loud “NO!” To her at least, it was no longer a funny matter. Needless to say, she and I never became friends.

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