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Forever a Great Lady (Nina Lawrence)

Story ID:10439
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:El Dorado Kansas USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Forever a Great Lady (Nina Lawrence)

During our short time on this great earth
Iím sure you can measure
The kindness of a certain friend
Someone whose love and kindness that you treasure.

She had three sons
Harding, Don and Jay
Her husband Hugh was
The rest of her family.

When I was in Junior High
A ninth grader you see
Met her son Jay
He said come home with me.

Met his mother, Nina
Asked me to sit down and eat
With her and Jay
This was quite a treat.

Since my Brother and Mother
Had been killed in a wreck
I was kinda hurtin for
A hug around the neck.

At the age of thirteen
I had a terrible vacancy
I needed someone
To show me some TLC

This Great mother, Nina Belle
Had lots of TLC
She was a generous lady
And shared part of it on me

Asked me to move into her home
To stay and go to school
Saved my Dad a 12 mile trip
I thought it would be cool.

There were two Gold Stars in her window
Couple years there were three
Then all three of her sons
Serving Uncle Sam.overseas.

I was treated like one of hers
With the other three
Jay, Don, Harding
And now me.

This Great Lady, a fantastic cook,
When we sat down to eat
Her cooking as I tasted
I knew it couldnít be beat.

She had an old toaster,
In which bread was easy to burn
Wasnít automatic
We watched it closely, everyone.

The first wisp
Of smoke you see
Had to get the toast out

Don and Harding came home from overseas
For both a Service Furlough
Two Officers looked great in their uniforms
But soon they had to go.

Went to a picture show, the four of us
Made Jay and I march to the Movie.
While they counted cadence
I thought this kinda groovy.

She helped me solve my problems
With my love life, you see
Kept me on the Straight and Narrow
Had a birthday party, just for me.

Went with me to Wichita
To help me pick a ring for my wife to be.
Later in the week
I asked Shirley if she would marry me.

She said yes,
Jay my best man was he
Brought Nina Belle to Russell, Kansas
Where the wedding was to be.

It was such a stormy night
Jay and Nina had to travel far
Getting home was treacherous
While driving in his car.

Did I ever thank them, well
Now Iíd like to thank them double
Shirley and I appreciated it
For taking the time and trouble.

This great Mother
Has passed on you see
She left Hugh, Don, Harding, and Jay
And also me.

I think of her fondly
While taking my daily stroll
This lady who in my life
Played such a major roll.

Thank you so much Nina
For looking after me
Along with your three boys
Who you cared for lovingly.

I know your up in Heaven
Every one who knew you would agree
I will always love you
Along with Harding, Don, Jay, your sons three.