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Story ID:10445
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Tokyo Honshu Japan
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By Fred Wickert

Stationed in Tokyo, Japan while in the Air Force, a man who was going back to the States needed to find a home for his pet Monkey. He was not allowed to take it to the USA. I offered to take him. My girlfriend Tae lived in a place where he could be kept without any problem, or so I believed. She had a room in a house where a family lived. They were a family of six, including four children – three girls and a boy. Their yard was with a lot of privacy and there was room in the back of the house. I had a black Cocker Spaniel that was already being accommodated there.

The monkey named Cheetah, adapted very well. We had hired a man to build a dog house for Blackie, my Cocker Spaniel, and so hired the same man to come back and build something for Cheetah as well. He constructed a box type home for Cheetah, and attached it to the side of the house outside the kitchen window. The house had a tin roof twice as big as the house was and Cheetah could sit and play on it as much as he liked. The kitchen window was quite a ways up from the ground.

Cheetah went inside the house when it rained and when it was time to sleep. He had a small blanket in his house and a bed of small pieces of carpeting. When he wanted to sleep he went in his house and pulled the blanket over his shoulders and head. It was really cute to see him do it. Then he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Cheetah was a monkey and he did what monkeys do. He climbed and ran all over the clothes line posts. He swung on the clothes line. He played with Blackie on the ground and he sat on the edge of the roof. Sometimes he took food to the roof and sat there to eat it. There were three electric wires attached to the house with glass insulators.

Cheetah sometimes liked to chew on those electric wires and for a space of almost three feet back from the house, those electric wires were bare from where Cheetah had stripped the insulation from them. We were worried that he might get himself electrocuted, but as long as he wasn’t grounded when he was on them I guess he was all right, much like birds and squirrels do.

We thought for safety sake maybe we better do something about it. We called the electric company and asked them to send someone to look at them since they were bare. The electric company sent a man to the house. While he was there working, Tae and I stood at the sliding kitchen window and we talked to the man through the open window.

The man put a ladder up to the side of the house. When he got high enough he stepped off the ladder and stood on the roof of Cheetah’s house. It was more convenient and comfortable than his ladder. As he examined the wires he marveled at the way the insulation had come off of them. He said he wondered what could have made the insulation come off the wire like that. He had never seen anything like it.

Tae said, “Oh, the monkey did it.”

The man said, “You got a monkey?” Tae told him that we did. The man then asked where the monkey was as there was none in sight.

Tae said, “He’s in his house.”

The man said, “Where? I don’t see any house.”

Tae replied, “He is right under your feet. You are standing on it.”

Startled, the man looked quickly and lost his balance. He fell off the roof of the monkey house. Fortunately it was not too far a fall and he landed on his feet, and then in a sitting position, being unable to keep his balance. He was not hurt. Tae showed him the monkey sitting inside the house. When satisfied the monkey was not going to do anything to him, he resumed his work and placed a heavy insulation over the wires from the insulators all the way back to a few inches beyond where the insulated covering started again. All was well and no harm done.

I’m sure the man from the electric company had something to tell his family and co-workers for a long time after that day.

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