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Story ID:10446
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
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By Fred Wickert

Oh My, President Obama is not happy. He says enough is enough! The President nominated someone for the office of Attorney General to replace Eric Holder six months ago, and the Senate still has not voted to confirm the appointment. President Obama is not happy.

It is a different thing when the shoe is on the other foot, or so it seems. When Harry Reid had more than 400 bills passed over six years by a Republican Congress in his desk, and refused to allow a vote on them, that was perfectly all right and the President had no problem at all with that.

It just so happens that in the confirmation hearings Mr. President, your nominee agreed with and supported your executive actions to ignore immigration law and the Constitution. She thought that was okay. The Senate committee also discovered some things in her record as a U.S. attorney that did not pass the smell test and they wanted to investigate and find out the truth about it. There is some question about looking the other way for some banks that are laundering money for Mexican Drug Cartels and for laundering money for Muslim Terrorist Groups. Are you in a hurry so they will have no time to complete an investigation Mr. President?

The Senate Committee thought that worth investigating Mr. President. After all, the Attorney General is the person who is the nation’s top law enforcement officer. It is the person who is supposed to enforce the laws of the nation and above all, enforce the Constitution of the United States. The Attorney General is supposed to be completely fair and unbiased and is supposed to inforce all of the laws and all of the Constitution. They swear an oath of office that requires it.

That oath of office is something we all know that both you and the current Attorney General have little or no regard for. As a nation, I think the people want the next AG to have some regard for it. They want someone that can be trusted.

We are all well aware Mr. President, that to you integrity only matters when it is convenient. Harry Reid has made it quite clear recently when asked about his false allegations of ten years of tax cheating by Mitt Romney during the last Presidential elections, that it was perfectly okay because you won. He had no regrets and was even boastful about it. Yours, Eric Holders and the nominee’s lack of comment are indicative that none of you have a problem with it.

I think the Republicans in the Senate expect the new AG to have more integrity than that. I know that you Liberals in Washington including the members of the Liberal media believe integrity only matters when it is a Republican being considered. If it is a Republican Integrity is a must, but when it is a Liberal Democrat, no integrity is required.

I am well aware that in addition to you Mr. President, the majority of the Democrat party are convinced that the only reason the nomination is being held up is because she is black, and further because she is a woman. That of course is all pure rubbish and you all know it, but it is excellent propaganda for your convenience, even though it is not true and you know it. Of course, since Liberal Democrats are not required to have any integrity, all that is of no importance. You cannot let a little thing like honesty get in the way, now can you? No, of course you can’t.

I do agree with the President on one thing. I agree that it has been long enough. I think it has been too long. I believe there should have already been an up and down vote, and I believe the candidate should have received a “NO” vote. Her integrity is in question and therefore she is unqualified. Her own testimony before the committee, is that she will not uphold the law and that she will violate both her oath of office and the Constitution of the United States as long as the President wishes her to. What more than that do the members of the Senate need to know? By her own testimony she is unqualified for the job!

Oh yes, I know, I know. Democrat Senators and Democrat pundits on TV will swear she is highly qualified, but that is okay because they are Liberal Democrats. They are allowed to lie. Only Republicans are required to tell the truth.

The vote should be taken. Six months is more than enough. She should be rejected. I have a prediction. Because the President and the talking heads and the media will all get on Obama’s band wagon, and because they will all play the tune that it is because she is black and she is a woman, I predict the vote will soon take place and I predict she will be confirmed and we will have another AG without integrity that will dance the tune of Obama and Sharpton for the remainder of Obama’s term. Obama will do a number of additional things that are unconstitutional and unlawful and the AG will tell Obama it is okay, that he can do it.

Why? Why do I predict these things and why do I believe they will happen? I predict it because of two things. One is because the Republicans have no spine nor those other things between their legs either. Two, because as I said in a previous essay, Satan is in charge now.

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