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Chelsea Kansas has Passed

Story ID:10449
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Es Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Chelsea Kansas has Passed

The Chelsea Kansas that I knew
A friendly little community
Back in “Thirty Two”
Now just a figment of my memory

The Chelsea Church, the schoolhouse
The Chelsea Train Depot
The Chelsea elevator
Are under water, doncha know

For the new lake
The best bottomland they did take
Water for the City of El Dorado
Much needed for Heavens sake

Those great pioneers
Carters, Doornbos, Beckers
Cook, Milbourn and Davis
Sontag, Holderman, and Lucas
Brant, Coggshell, Putnams-to the west of us

Buchanans, Corfmans, and Chapmans
Krophs, Condells, and Lempkes
Stackleys, Arnolds and Berg
And the Manka’s

Welty, Nuttle and Teeter
At “88” memory is fading
So If I forgot some one
Their names I’ll be awaiting

The Munsons, Countrymans,
Harsh, Hoy, Unruh
Foster, Hodges and Griffins
North to Cassoday, Prewitts two

Cervantes, Vidrois, Quinonis
Names were separate in a way
Fathers weren’t farmers
Employed by the Santa Fe

If I misspell some of the names
Forgive me please
Left the farm at nineteen
Still can picture their faces
These older farmers, out of respect
I never called by their first name
Twas always Mr. or Mrs.

So when you go to the lake
To boat, or fish, or swim
BB-Q or picnic
Remember all of them

Those Chelsea Kansas Pioneers
Who were the inhabitants
Of the land below your boat
Chelsea, Kansas now past tense

Monte L. Manka 4-19-2015