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If beauty is only skin deep, please skin her!

Story ID:10456
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:In Memory
Location:Fresno CA USA
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If beauty is only skin deep, please skin her!
By Chuck Dishno

Sometimes things are not always as you think or imagine. This happened to me many years ago.

In November 1968 I went to work for Fresno County Department of Education in Fresno, California. I was hired to set up and run a large printing department. I had been working in printing since 1960 for Fresno County and when the Department of Education bought a large selection of printing equipment that no one knew anything about or how to run it. I was recommended by the equipment salesman and was soon hired to supervise the growing printing department.

The Department of Education building was located in downtown Fresno and housed many consultants, data processing, finance department and an instructional TV studio with closed circuit TV to all the county and city schools. One department titled EDICT generated a huge bulk of printing as they developed curriculum for all the schools.

My printing department was located on the second floor and took up about one fourth of the floor. Not a great amount of space considering the amount of printing it generated.

I had been on the job about a week when I got a phone call from a secretary named Edith from EDICT. My heart did a flip as she talked to me. Her voice was fantastic and very sexy. I had never met her but if she was anything like her voice I was in love. I had not met Edith but she called several times a day and I was taken by that voice. I couldnít wait to meet her in person.

About two weeks later I was up to my eyeballs in printing and trying to teach several girls how to run the equipment. I decided to take a 4pm break and went down to the basement where the coffee room was located. It was usually vacant at this time of the day but I knew I could get a soda and relax for a few minutes

I was sitting with my back to the door thinking of how much printing I had to do before I got to go home when I heard this sexy behind me say, ďHi there,

I didnít expect to see anyone down here at this time of day.Ē My heart did a couple of extra beats as I heard that voice. She came, my goddess came! It had to be Edith. When I turned in my chair, all my visions collapsed. It was Edith but not what I had envisioned. Edith was about 30 plus and had a full head of scraggly hair that hadnít seen a comb in few days. She was drinking a bottle of orange pop thru a straw and when I greeted her she got choked on the pop and some went up and came out her nose and onto the table. She coughed and tried to say something but when she opened her mouth I saw a bunch of rotting teeth. I was devastated; my mental image died a quick death.

I donít mean to put Edith down because she was embarrassed about her image and didnít want to be seen too often. To her credit, about 6 months later she took a month off and when she came back she had a new set of teeth, great hairdo, and new clothes and had improved herself 100%. Now, her image matchd her fabulous voice. It did wonders for Edith and now she became more visible and was not ashamed to show up at the coffee room at the regular times.

About a year or so later Edith got married and left the Department of Education. I donít know what happened to her after that but I can only hope that she is living a life that she deserves.

I will never forget the day my mental image of Edith died and I can only say Bully for you, Edith.