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Story ID:10457
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Unknown Maryland USA
Person:Maryland University
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By Fred Wickert

Is it audacity or stupidity? You be the judge.

At the University of Maryland a group calling themselves The Muslim Students Association with a membership of about 250 Muslim students presented a petition to the administration of the University.

The university was planning to show on campus, the movie, “The Sniper.” The petition requested the film be banned from the university campus and not shown because they were offended by it. Not one of them had ever seen it but they were offended by it. They wanted it banned on the grounds that it might cause the murder of Muslims throughout the world.

The university administration immediately announced they were banning it from being shown in response to the petition. The football coach is to be congratulated for having the good sense to be defiant. He said he was going to show it to his players on the football team whether the Muslims liked it or not. In my view the administration members who made the decision to ban the film should all be fired and replaced with people whose brains are not yet warped with political correctness. The 250 Muslim students who signed the petition should be expelled from the University for being too stupid to be educated at university level.

They are concerned the movie might provoke the murder of Muslims throughout the world. For several decades now there has been a lot of mass murdering going on in the world. Who is doing it? Who is doing all that killing? The Muslim’s of course.

Who killed more than 300 U.S. Marines at Kohbar Towers?
Who bombed the U.S.S. Cole?
Who bombed three American Embassies in Africa?
Who flew airliners full of passengers in to the twin towers of the World Trade Center killing 3,000 people?
Who set off pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon?
Who shot up a Jewish Delicatessen in Paris, France?
Who crashed an airliner into the Pentagon and another in a field in Pennsylvania?
Who shot up Fort Hood killing and wounding a bunch of troops?
Who threw hand grenades into a couple of officer’s tents in Kuwait on the way to Iraq?
Who fires thousands of rockets in to Israel over and over? Who makes tunnels by which to invade Israel and kidnap kids and soldiers for later butchering?
Who is beheading Christians all over the Middle East and showing it on videotape to the world?
Who are the Shia who are killing Sunee’s and who are the Sunee’s who are killing Shia?

The list goes on and on and on. The answer to every one of those questions is - The Muslims of course. All of this killing without exception is done by Muslims. With the exception of the Russians in territories they are invading, all the killing throughout the world is being done by Muslims.

All of this that is going on in the world and the Muslim Students Association has the audacity or the stupidity, one or the other, to suggest the movie, “The Sniper” is going to cause murder of Muslims throughout the world? Give us all a break!

The Maryland University Administration in their initial action is no better. They had the audacity or the stupidity, one or the other to not only give the petition serious thought, but to appease them by banning the film from the campus. They should have immediately denied it because it is ludicrous to even consider it. Now, because of all the public controversy they are reconsidering and will study it further. This to me does not sound like a competent Administration. The only intelligence displayed thus far by anyone in that university is the football coach.

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