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Story ID:10465
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Baltimore Maryland USA
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By Fred Wickert

My ancestors came here from Germany and from England. I have one member of my family tree that is an Onondaga (Iriquois) Indian or if you prefer, a Native American. My ancestors are all abolitionists and not one of them ever owned a slave. I don't know about the Civil War, but I do know several of my ancestors served in the military during WWI and WWII. I myself served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars and was in Florida ready to go during the Cuban Missile Crisis. After serving twenty years in the military as a policeman, I served as a civilian policeman for another five years.

If the rest of the world sees us as war mongers and Colonialists, etc as President Obama claims, that is not my fault. I spent six years of my military service in foreign countries. I tried in each of them to conduct myself in a way that would do credit to my country. I think I suceeded because I had many close friends in each country I stayed in.

Why is it my fault if the world sees our country as overbearing and arrogant?

My family history has been as one against slavery and none of my family ever had a slave, so why is slavery my fault? Why should I be punished for slavery that has not existed in this country for more than a century? Why should I make repatriation payments, and to whom? Not one slave is still living.

As an NCO in the Air Force I supervised a lot of people and they were from a number of different ethnicities. I went to extremes to make sure I never allowed my feelings about anyone, for or against them to ever be detected.

In my every day life I have had neighbors that were both black and white. There has never been a time when I did not treat any of them as anything but a friend. All have been welcomed in to my home equally.

So why is it my fault if more white people graduate from college? Why is it my fault more blacks and more hispanics are in jail in this country than whites? Why is it my fault there are more black abortions than there are white? Why is it my fault there are more white cops than black? Why is it my fault there are more black people murdered than whites? Why is it my fault there are more black kids without fathers than there are white ones?

I don't feel any guilt for any of these things and I don't believe any of these things are my fault. I am sick and tired of being told by media and by government politicians that they are my fault.

Not long ago a black thug was killed in Furgason by a cop who was defending his own life. Black people from all over the country converged on Ferguson. They burned police cars, they smashed store fronts, stole all the merchandise and set them on fire.

These people claimed to be getting even with the whites for the unjust killing of the thug named Brown. The truth is, they for the most part, never knew Brown and didn't care. It was just an excuse. The store fronts they smashed and robbed and burned belonged, not to whites, but to blacks. Those police cars they destroyed did not belong to the police, they belonged to the tax payers, both black and white. So what good did it do and what was gained from it? Absolutely nothing.

Now in Baltimore, a black guy was arrested and put in a van for transport. During a thirty minute time span, the man somehow got his spine nearly severed. He did not get medical attention as soon as he should have, and he died in the hospital. As yet, we don't know what happened. He was buried this afternoon.

After the funeral black youth began to shut down the streets, train stations, businesses, etc. They began demolishing a couple police cars, Information was circulated that black gangs had joined forces and were planning to assasinate some police officers. Early on a police spokesman said six officers were already injured and a seventh was not reponding.

Again, store fronts smashed and looted. Bricks are all over the streets and are being thrown at the police. One person threw a burning trash can at police. Torches are being lighted and thrown at police.

All of this is being done in the name of the man that died. The truth is that none of the people doing all this ever knew the man. In the words of the Milwaukee Sherrif who himself is black, "If these same people were in a night club and the man that died bumped in to them on the dance floor, they would pull out a gun and shoot him themselves."

So what are they doing? What is their point? Why are they doing all of this crazy stuff? In this instance of course, they are blaming it all on the police. Not the police who were involved in the mans death, for they are all on administrative leave. They are blaming it on all cops. Just like happened in Brooklyn, they will probably not be happy until they have killed a couple of decent police officers who never had anything to do with it.

I was a cop too. That means they blame it on me too, and they want to kill me too. Why? What did I ever do to deserve it? Absolutely nothing. that's what. Obama and Holder who had so much to say in Brooklyn and Ferguson have stayed out of it this time so far. They were wrong before and ended up with egg on their face.

I am sick and tired of being blamed for stuff I had nothing to do with. I suggest the black community learn how to live and behave like decent human beings. They might find life a lot easier. I know of many black people who have done that and they are well off, have good jobs, nice cars and all, and they are well respected in a mixed community with lots of friends both black and white. The others ought to bury that chip on their shoulder and do the same. I believe they will find similar results.

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