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Story ID:10466
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Baltimore Maryland USA
Person: A Diamond Mother
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By Fred Wickert

In Baltimore, Md. as soon as school let out, instead of going home from school, children began to riot in the streets. They were throwing bottles, bricks, rocks and sticks at police. There were far to many for the few police officers present and the police began to retreat.

All the action was being shown on television as there were a large number of news organizations on the scene, reporting to the country what was going on.

Suddenly a black woman, somewhat heavy in build but amazingly agile on her feet, dressed in some bright yellow outer wear burst on the scene. She quickly and with obvious determination walked rapidly right in to the street and the middle of the crowd throwing things at the police. Some adults had by now begun to join with the young boys.

The woman made a bee line straight at one boy with a mask over his face. She grabbed him and was heard on camera to say,"You get that mask off your face right now. What do you think you are doing?" She seemed to be upset with the speed he was removing the mask and she helped him. As soon as it was off she instructed him to get his behind home where he belonged.

Every few steps she pummeled him a little about the head and shoulders and told him in no uncertain terms that his conduct was unacceptable. She told him she taught him better than that and when she got him home she was going to teach him some more.

As the boy hurried away from her and toward home, she stopped to answer some questions from a reporter. On camera she explained that she was a single mother and had six children. She said she tried to bring her kids up right and believed there was no excuse at all for what they were doing in the street.

The woman went on to say she was watching it on TV and was shocked to see her own 16 year old in the middle of it. She was having none of that. She said she tried to bring her kids up right because she wanted them to amount to something when they grow up. She said she had to work so she couldn't watch them every minute.

Then the woman stopped talking to the reporter and ran to catch up to her son, whom she pummeled and yelled at some more as she escorted him home. I have no way of knowing but I will be very surprised if that boy is not grounded for quite some time.

In all that dirt going on in the streets of Baltimore, there suddenly was shown a real diamond. Some suggested the woman should be named Mother of the Year. I will not only second that motion, but I highly recommend the Mayor of Baltimore enlist her as an adviser. She has a ton of good sense more than that mayor does.

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