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Story ID:10479
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Baltimore Maryland USA
Person:Lady Justice
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By Fred Wickert

Our nation has always had in the court houses throughout the land, a symbol for Justice in America. We were always proud to display that symbol. Some called her Lady Justice because the symbol of justice is a figure of a woman holding a scales. The scales is balanced to show they are of equal weight and the lady her self is blindfolded. The blind fold is supposed to indicate equal justice for all, no matter who they are.

When a hoodlum was killed in Furguson, Mo. by a white cop, the black community wanted the scalp of the cop. The hoodlum just happened to be black so the black people led by people like Al Sharpton developed a lynch mob mentality. They began chanting, "Kill more cops, kill more cops." Cops were killed too. Two cops sitting in their parked car, eating their lunch were shot execution style by a black man.

When a man died in the ambulance after resisting arrest in New York City, a black man with a police record, the black community took up the cry, hang the cops and there is no justice for a black man. The police were being wrongfully accused for the mans death. The police person in charge was a black woman sergeant, so the spin against whites was toned down some and the volume was turned up on the blaming it on the cops.

The battle cry developed by black crowds all over the country is, No justice, no peace!" It is an implied threat that if a black person dies in the hands of the police, regardless of what the facts are, police must be blamed and destruction of the neighborhood has to follow because the desired verdict is not achieved.

In Baltimore, Md. a black man died in the hospital. Six police officers have been arrested and charged with a number of offenses and among them, murder. The States Attorney announced to the black crowd in Baltimore the same day she received the Coroners report, that she heard them and she is going to make the police officers pay so the people will be satisfied. She is going to save Baltimore and she is going to give the mob what they want.

What ever happened to, "Innocent until proven guilty?" The black people of Baltimore are celebrating because the States Attorney told them she heard their voice and she will get revenge against those cops. It could not be more biased. As late as today she is making speeches saying the same thing. Lady justice has lost her blind fold. That States Attorney has promised the people they will have their revenge. Now she will have to move Heaven and Earth to get a conviction.

I have some knowledge of the law. I was a cop for 25 years. I say the evidence against these officers is not going to result in a conviction. The people will again feel betrayed and again they will proceed to damage and loot and destroy and burn down houses and stores. They have already threatened they will if those officers are not convicted.

This afternoon I was watching a report on Fox News. A FOX News reporter and his camera and lighting crew were sitting in their car. The air conditioning was on and the windows closed. The reporter was sitting behind the wheel. Suddenly he saw something go by the car. There was a young black man running and a police officer was in pursuit. The police officer had his gun out. The reporter saw the black man fall and heard a gun shot at the same time.

The reporter got out of his car. He had the camera aimed at the fallen man. He said it looked bad. The officer that had been chasing him was attempting to give aid to the fallen man. In minutes an ambulance arrived at the scene. They strapped the downed man to a gurney, loaded him in the ambulance and ten minutes from the time it happened the ambulance was on the way to a hospital.

A large revolver had appeared on the side walk and a police officer stood over it with the revolver between his feet. Many more police showed up and immediately began an investigation.

A crowd began to form and a black woman almost in tears was telling the reporters and the police that she saw the whole thing. The young man that was taken away in the ambulance was sitting on a front step with two of his friends. They were not doing anything except talking. A police car pulled up to the curb in front of them and the police got out of the car. The young man jumped up from the step and began running as fast as he could. The police officer pulled his gun and ran after the man who ran.

The woman insisted the man had nothing in his hands but the police officer, twenty feet behind him fired his gun and shot that young man in the back. She said all she could think was, "Here we go again.' The reporter for FOX news saw the cop chasing him, heard the gun shot and saw the man fall. He too concluded that the officer had shot the man in the back. Strangely though, he never saw any blood. He and his crew were on the scene and getting it all on film and on the air. The reporter asked the woman if she saw the gun. She insisted there was no gun and declared the police must have planted the gun. She declared that they always do that.

Other news organizations picked it up and they were reporting world wide, that a cop shot a black guy running away, in the back. It happened in Baltimore. Crowds were gathering at the scene and the mood was ugly. Another allegedly innocent black man was shot down in cold blood by a Baltimore cop. Police in large numbers quickly arrived on the scene and pepper spray was used on the crowd.

A police Lieutenant came over to the news crew. He told them they are falsely reporting a shooting and there is no shooting. He told the reporter the man had a gun in his waist band and that is why he was being chased. The gun fell from his waist band while he was running and when it hit the sidewalk it went off. The man fell. He told the policeman he was hurt and wanted to go for medical attention. He was sent to the ER to be checked over.

No police shooting had occurred. No one had been shot. The man was injured from his fall. The gun shot heard was when the gun the guy was carrying fell on the sidewalk, it went off. End of story.

That crowd was angry and if given the chance I am sure might have done harm to that police officer, who was innocent of any wrong doing. I turned on FOX news tonight and nothing at all was even mentioned about it.

Things are often not what they seem. Sometimes the human brain believes completely they have witnessed something that did not actually happen. That is why you cannot make a rush to judgement and is why the Lady Justice has a blind fold.

It is going to be a long hot summer. I hope cooler heads will prevail and I hope we will not falsely convict anybody, police officer or not. I hope we will be wise enough to take politics out of it and put the blind fold back on the Lady Justice. This is not Iran or ISIS or the Taliban. This is America.

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