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Story ID:10481
Written by:Charles Micheaux (bio, contact, other stories)
Organization:Micheaux Publishing
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Atlanta Georgia USA
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A very dear friend named Ronald, shared a wonderful story with me just yesterday.
This true story is about a companion canine named

Ronald recently had major back surgery and while he was in the hospital his son was given the task and duty to take care of Gizmo.

Ronald and Gizmo have been together for the past two years and never have they been seperated since Gizmo was two weeks old. Gizmo has known Ronald as his only provider in grace, love and security since he was a two week old pup.

Ronald contacted his son after surgery via his personal computer; ronald could see his son as they spoke and in the backround Ronald could see Gizmo pacing back and forth.

Ronald told his son he wanted to talk with Gizmo... Gizmo was propped-up in the son's lap in front of the computer.
Gizmo was amazed to see his master on the screen.
Ronald called out to Gizmo and blew him a kiss.

Gizmo closed his eyes as if he had made a wish, and then, and then, Gizmo began to lick at the screen of the computer.

Gizmo weighs about ten pounds; he's a small dog, but big in heart. I was curious as to the pure definition of the word Gizmo.

Gizmo- Origin Unknown

Yes! A love so great it is an unknown love,
to me anyway.

We should all be so blessed to have a Gizmo in our life to show us an undying love.