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Story ID:10483
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every City All states USA
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By Fred Wickert

Not long ago a contest was held to see who could draw the funniest cartoon of Mohamed. Two Muslim would be assassins came intending to shoot the 200 or so people at the contest. They failed. They ended up shooting one security guard in the ankle. A police officer with a service hand gun took out both assassins.

The controversy has been raging ever since. Some believe since the Muslims don't believe anyone should ever draw a likeness of Mohamed, their prophet, that it should not be done because it offends Muslims. Others believe it doesn't matter if they are offended or not. They believe the Constitution gives them the freedom to say whatever they want. Therefore, they can draw all the pictures of Mohamed that they please.

Some Muslim Cleric in the Middle East has now issued a Fatwa calling for Muslims to kill the woman who organized the contest in the first place. The Muslims say this cannot be done and the penalty for doing it is death.

Well, excuse me just a minute. You might be some high up cleric in the world of Islam, but here in the United States you are nobody. You and your Sharia Law do not rule here in this country. Please take your Fatwa and your Sharia Law and go away somewhere. I don't care where you go, but I suggest somewhere in the Middle East where you belong.

A couple of decades ago some jackass created some statuary depicting someone pissing on a figure of a prone Jesus Christ. My memory is admittedly a little foggy on it but I think the figure was depicted actually pissing in his mouth. It was on display as art in New York City.

I am a Christian and I was extremely disgusted, angry and offended. So were millions of other people. There was nothing we could do about it because our Constitution gives everyone freedom of speech.

More recently some other jackass depicted elephant dung being thrown at the Virgin Mary, the woman who gave birth as a virgin to Jesus Christ. The entire Catholic church world wide was extremely offended, but no one called for the person who did this to be killed. It was a lousy thing to do but it was permitted as we have freedom of speech. Thousands of Americans have died to defend that and other freedoms.

In the Christian religion, we are taught by God Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ not to kill but to forgive. We were taught when somebody hits you on the cheek to turn the other cheek and let them hit that too. We are taught not to fight and not to kill but to forgive.

Our religion is truly one of peace. You say the Muslim religion is one of peace and then you behead those who don't agree with you. All you want to do is kill. Issue a fatwa to kill everyone you don't like because they said or did something you took offense at.

I know there are many who say that should not have been done because it offends Muslims and they might get violent. They say don't do it because they are afraid of what the Muslims might do. I go along with those who say otherwise. Personally, I believe after the attack in Paris about a cartoon of Mohamed, that every publication in the free world should have published it. They should have done it to show Muslims they will not be black mailed by them. They did not. They were in fear,which is exactly what the terrorists want and had in mind.

It is also what the terrorists want with the attack in Texas and with the issuance of their Fatwa. I was born and raised in this country. I have served this country in one way or another most of my adult life. I have fought for our freedom and I hold it dear. I disagree with running scared. The Muslims are going to attack us anyway. A cartoon of the prophet Mohamed is not going to make one bit of difference.

These people are nothing but a bunch of idiotic crazed killers. They even kill each other. They want to impose Sharia Law on us. Many of them have said so openly. President Obama's top adviser Valerie Jared has publicly stated that she believed it to be her duty to do what she can to replace our Constitution with Sharia law.

I have a better solution. Thousands of Middle East Muslims come to our country ever year as refugees. We take them in and give them money, food, housing, medical care and so on. They then get offended at our Constitution, our laws, our ways, our speech, our culture, our food and other things. You name it, they are offended by it and want to change it.

I have a better idea. All you Muslims that are not happy in our country and don't like our Constitution, don't like our culture and so on, please pack your bags and get the hell out. We let you come here as refugees and we extended our hospitality. If you don't appreciate it and are offended by it, get the hell out. Nobody is making you stay here. You are free to leave anytime.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. On your way out, be sure to take your Fatwa's with you. There is no place for them in America.

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