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Story ID:10488
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
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By Fred Wickert

Beware the Obama administration. When Obama first became President, he said in a speech that the nation needs a police force bigger than the combined military forces of the country and fully as well equipped as our armed forces. Nobody paid much attention and just about everybody thought he will never get it through Congress.

No, I don't think he would get it through Congress either. He has not tried to get it through Congress, but he is doing it piece by piece by piece. Just look at what has transpired since Obama first took office.

To begin with, he has removed all of the top military commanders and strategists from our military. He has caused way over two hundred of them to be fired, retired or relieved of duty for something. Anybody in the top echelons of the military who was known to disagree with Obama has been replaced and is gone. If we get into a real war we are in a bad way because all the brains and experience at the top is gone.

Homeland security has been armed to the teeth. If you wanted to buy some ammunition for your hunting rifle for the last three years it has been very hard to come by. It just is not available. Now, a lot of it is back in the stores but even so, the most popular caliber in the country is the .22 and it is nowhere to be found. The man who lives across the street from me is a police sergeant. Police are supposed to qualify with the weapon they carry on duty every six months. He told me they cannot even get ammunition enough to qualify.

Why is ammunition so scarce? Because Homeland Security ordered billions of rounds of ammunition. They ordered enough ammo to fight a full scale war for ten years. Why?

FEMA has been arming their people who work in the field. A number of other government agencies who never used to be armed are now. Why?

Homeland Security also ordered armored vehicles and possibly even tanks. Why?

Now there is another thing going on. Every time anything happens around the country any more, right away we blame the police. The police are racist and the police are to brutal and the police are murderers. The police are not sensitive enough and on and on. Then, like Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland, New Orleans all of a sudden need to be investigated by the Justice Department. The Justice department then determines the police have not been doing right and need some sensitivity training and training to do things their way. The police departments are placed on probation and must be operated under the supervision of the Justice Department until the Justice Department decides they no longer need it.

All that means that instead of those being local police departments under the control of the local communities they are under the control of the federal Justice Department. The head of the Justice Department is the Attorney General who directly answers to President Obama.

It looks to me like Obama is building his national police force and he is not asking Congress at all. He is just doing it. Obama is organizing his so called BROWN SHIRTS already. He told us he wanted to so we shouldn't be surprised. That being said, we should stop it. I don't know of anyone who is going to do that. Hitler had his Gestapo. Obama is building his. BEWARE!

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