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Story ID:10498
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
Person:Michele Obama
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By Fred Wickert

I have always regarded the Tuskegee Institute as a superb school of excellence. I always thought they were an excellent school that turned out excellent students who were prepared to produce excellence in the world of business and education.

I had not paid much attention to it for years and perhaps I should have because now I have some very serious doubts. I suddenly have no such regard or confidence in them now, and it really saddens me.

I have always believed that commencement time from a university or college or even a high school, was a time the graduating class should be given a pep talk. They should be cheered on to lofty goals of success and to always apply themselves to producing a job well done.

Sadly, that must have changed somewhere along the way and I have missed it. I didn't know, that kind of behavior is no longer being taught and no longer being expected of young students getting ready to face the world.

This year the Tuskegee institute invited Michele Obama as their commencement speaker. I saw some of her address on television and as I listened, I was appalled. They would have been better off with a Southern Red Neck!

She told them something I expect they had heard about before. She told them she could never be proud of this country until Barack won the nomination for President. She told these young people that there was no opportunity in this country for black people. She told them they could not find a job unless it was for low pay as a servant to white people.

The whole speech, or at least the excerpts that I saw was one racial attack on whites after another and it was all a bunch of rubbish. I found myself asking just how, especially under a Republican President, did a black man become Secretary of State? How did a woman, and a black woman at that, become the top National Security Adviser in the White House. Later on, how did that black woman become Secretary of State?

How did we get so many black congressmen and senators? Especially how did we get woman black people in Congress? How did Michele Obama get those very high paying jobs before Barack got that nomination? How did she get paid such high salaries?

How did Barack get to be a state senator? How did she and Barack manage to buy that Chicago Mansion worth close to a million bucks? How did there get to be so many successful black Lawyers? How did so many black people get to be doctors? How did we get so many black business men? How did there get to be so many black school teachers and administrators? How did we get so many black city Mayors?

According to what Michele Obama was telling those students, none of those things were possible. Black people just can't achieve things like that according to her. If any of those Black Tuskegee graduates was paying attention to and believing her, I am sure they were wondering why they ever bothered to get an education at all. After all, according to Michele Obama and what she was saying, it was not possible for a black person to get a decent job anyway.

I have never heard such a racist speech in my life. Al Sharpton does a pretty good job of it, but I think Michele Obama has him beat. Here is a black woman who has made really big money and who is living in the White House as first lady, and whose children go to one of the most exclusive private schools in the country, and she is telling a black graduating class that they can't amount to anything because they are black. She is telling them it is a white world and the deck is stacked against them and they cannot make it because they are black.

All those students had to do was look at her and instantly they will know she is a liar. If they think about it they will also know she is a racist. The late Senator Robert Byrd who had been the Grand Dragon of the national chapter of the KKK probably never made a speech as racist as that.

If I was on the board of the Tuskegee Institute, I would hang my head in shame. I certainly would spread the word to other universities as what to expect.

In my view, there are several people who have been a great credit to the country as our First Lady. Michelle Obama has been a disgrace. Her extravagance has been an embarrassment to the country as well as some of the outlandish clothes she has worn in public. I have heard news commentators say on the air that she was beautiful and elegant. They could not have seen the same pictures I saw. I saw her some times coming down the steps of Air Force One looking like a hooker. I was embarrassed for our country. I find her taste in clothes lacking.

I can see why Barack took a liking to Hillary and appointed her Secretary of State. She and Michele have a lot in common. Both of them have hips and a back side so wide that only an axe handle as long as the one Paul Bunyan would have could measure them with an axe handle because only Paul Bunyan could use an axe with a handle long enough to measure that.

Michele, Barack, Eric Holder and their friend Al Sharpton are quick to call white people racist, but I never saw racism in most white folks as common and prevalent as in them. It seems to me it is they, not the white folks who are the real racists.