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Story ID:10505
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All over All States USA
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By Fred Wickert

Imagine how refreshing it might be if the media, the politicians and all the others we deal with every day that are supposed to be honest and have some integrity, were to actually be honest and have some integrity.

I understand why I suppose, since that college professor the Obama Administration hired as an adviser on how to push Obama Care was exposed. He said what they all were thinking I suppose. You know, that the American people were to stupid to understand or see through their corruption. You remember that guy don't you? He is the one the Obama people hired as an expert adviser and then denied even knowing him after it was exposed.

Now, Hillary Clinton, recently Secretary of State and now Democrat candidate for President is running for president but hiding from the press. She will not answer any questions at all for the media and is basiclly hiding from the rest of the country. There is a little matter of seventeen million dollars missing that nobody knows where it went from the Clinton foundation.

Oh, you didn't hear about that in the news? Well it wasn't mentioned very much. All the big news is about how Jeb Bush blew a question about the Iraq War. They are all talking about that and what a blunder his answer was and so on. That's funny really, because I watched that interview and I thought it was a stupid question because it has nothing to do with today. The criticism of it is based on a lie, and though I am not a fan of Jeb Bush, I thought he gave a reasonable answer. It must be the question of the week because they asked the same question from Mark Orubio too.

The question is based on the reason for going in to Iraq to begin with was that he had WMD and was using them on the Kurds, and then George Bush has been blamed adnauseum for it because when they got there they didn't find any WMD. Well not so fast. Actually small amounts were found. There was one Iraq big shot that had a bottle of cyanide hidden under the roots of a rose bush, on orders from Saddam Hussein. Who knows how many more are buried somewhere under the sand?

In addition to that, the entire nation was shown a tractor trailer convoy, I think it was five trucks, that as we were coming in from Kuwait, the truck convoy, on video, went out of Iraq to Syria carrying WMD and members of Saddam's family. It was picked up on satellite. There also was a large warehouse captured that was full of stuff. The troops were on the move and the order was given to leave it be because they didn't have time to stop and check it out. They didn't even leave guards on it.

When they returned two weeks later to inventory the contents of that warehouse, it was empty. Nobody knew where it went or what it was, but it was rumored to have been WMD. Every intelligence agency in the world said he had WMD. Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd and a number of other Democrats made speeches on the floor of the House or the Senate, demanding that we do something about it. John Kerry was running for President at the time. Then George Bush won the election.

The Democrats then started changing their tune, but almost every one of them voted for it. If they thought it was such a bad idea and Bush was wrong how come they voted to go to Iraq.

The mistake was not in going to Iraq and taking out Saddam Hussein. The mistake was pulling our troops out and also in allowing the head of the government kick out all those who were not the same brand Muslim that he was. He replaced them all with his brand of guy. That is not the way it was set up by the Bush administration. Bush warned against it and Obama knew better than everybody else. Now they seek to blame the current mess on Bush. Well, it won't fly. No matter how much they lie, some of us still remember how it really went down. The current mess is Obama's fault - not Bush's fault.

The fact that Hillary Clinton is running for president the same time it has been learned she has probably been using the position of Secretary of State to make untold sums of money by wheeling and dealing in her office, and the fact that there seems to be at least $17,000,000 unnacounted for from the Clinton Foundation and the fact that only 20 cents on the dollar for the money they collect for the Clinton Foundation actually goes to charity does not seem newsworthy. How Jeb Bush answered whether or not he would have invaded Iraq is way more important.

An organization demanding that an Air Force Major General, one of our best and Brightest, be courts martialed for thanking God in a speech he made has not gathered much attention either. It should in my opinion be front page news everywhere, but the only mention I found of it was in the WND internet news. The national media cannot be bothered.

You can bet that if that was an effort to court martial a two star General for saying Allah Ahkbar in a speech if he was a Muslim, that would be front page news everywhere. There would be all kinds of clamoring about how they could infringe upon his rights, but if it is a Christian and he thanks God, go ahead and hang him. How dare he thank God? They probably think he should have thanked Obama instead.

I tell you one and all, this country is falling apart in a hurry. Nothing that matters, matters any more. Only a bunch of Gobbledeegook matters any more.

We Christians better wake up and stand for ourselves and our rights. The first amendment and the second amendment mean absolutely nothing to these people except that they are something to get rid of, in their view. We had better start standing up and be heard. If they don't the America we used to know will be gone forever.

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