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Octupus Gnocchi- Anyone?

Story ID:10508
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- - USA
Person:Luis Antonio
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Most of you have probably already seen this incredible heart-warming video of an
adorable 3-year old whose name is Luis Antonio. This youngster actually wants to
eat his veggies - but definitely not any animals or fish. I think there are a lot of
people out there who could learn from him as I did in the Huffington Post and Take
Part sites.

I never heard of anyone so young and so intelligent as to make up his mind
that killing animals for food is wrong. Poor mom. She had to answer his
perceptive questions as to why there there were parts of an octopus’ legs
on his dinner plate among the gnocchi.

Luis wanted to know where the octopus’ head was, and asked if it was still
in the sea. No, his mom answered - that it was at the fish market.

He then asked if the man chopped it. Mom realized then that she had to tell
him that all animals we eat for food are chopped up. This upset Luis, and he
responded: Those are animals! And then he enlarged on his thoughts on
this subject:

“So why do they die? I don’t like that they die. I like that they stay standing
up....These animals – you gotta take care of them....and not eat them!”

I don’t think I have ever heard any better argument for why we shouldn’t
eat meat or fish. How about you? And to think that a 3 -year old has already
realized which some of us may never learn even if we live to be 100.

This little boy’s amazing compassion and sensitivity brought tears to his mother’s
eyes. He asked her why she was crying. And mom replied that she was not
crying, but that she was touched by his thoughts. And then she tells this amazing
3-year old --- now eat – no need to eat the octopus-all right?

On Take Part – writer Andri Antoniades titled her own account of Luis in June of
2013 - “Vegetarianism Demystified by a Toddler.” Quite so, and she also made a
point of what is often discussed in Sociology classes re the Nature versus Nurture
argument in child rearing. I think she quite aptly deduces from this account that
this little boy- Luiz Antonio, may have just scored another point for NATURE.

I had to smile reading this- because after all these years, I do remember being in a
Sociology class where this nature versus nurture argument was being discussed. I
also remember siding with the nature argument. Thanks Luis for making my point.