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Story ID:10509
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every City Every State USA
Person:We the people
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By Fred Wickert

Increasingly we are behaving in a very radical fashion and for the most part we ignore it and go on our merry ways. Folks have the attitude that nothing matters. Everything goes. We are the USA and we are invincible and nothing can really do us in. No enemy can beat us and there is no disaster we cannot handle. After all, we have FEMA, right?

Well, I have had some personal experience with FEMA and I have had neighbors with personal experience with FEMA. Trust me, FEMA is no great bargain.

It was in the news today that Vice President Joe Biden is supporting the gays way beyond gay marriage. He is saying the Bible is wrong and that we Christians are going to have to forget about or change some of our beliefs.

It comes as no surprise really, because his boss, Obama has increasingly attacked Christians every where he turns. He constantly excuses Muslim Terrorist behavior but speaks out against Christians. We should have known when he was campaigning for office and declared to the world at large that America is no longer a Christian Nation.

Hillary Clinton, the next Democrat Presidential hopeful has claimed recently that we need to make some changes in the law and that Christian thinking was going to have to be revised.

The Supreme Court is now considering whether to rule Gay Marriage is constitutional and the law of the land, or not. Supreme Court Justices may want to think about a few things before they make their decision. They believe they are the supreme law of the land. They are wrong for they are not. There is another law higher than they are. They have a prayer every time they go in to session that asks the Lord God to save the United States of America and to save the Supreme Court. They will do well to give some thought to what they are asking.

The Bible tells us that God said for a man to lay with a man in the manner of a woman or for a woman to lay with a woman in the manner of a man is an abomination to the Lord, and whoever shall do this thing will surely die. That Supreme Court Justices is what the Supreme Judge of the Universe says about it. If I were you, I would not ignore it.

You have already ignored his commandment, "Thou shalt not Kill," by the Roe Vs. Wade decision which has resulted in the killing of millions of unborn children. Do you really want to test him some more with telling God he is wrong about Gay marriage?

Muslim law tells those of the Muslim faith they have to make all us Christians convert to the Muslim faith or be killed. We already have our share of Muslims in this country who side with the terrorists. Oh we are told, most of the Muslims in this country are not terrorists. Most are not like them. They believe in peace. Oh yeah? Then why is it that every time something happens in this country that was done by Muslim terrorists, there is no hue and cry of outrage from the Muslim community? Those who speak out against it can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

If they really are against it and if they really abhor it and if they really are not in agreement with it, they should be taking to the streets in demonstrations against it. It never happens but demonstrations praising and supporting it does. Why do the Muslims not want to assimilate into our country. Why do they stick to themselves with their own communities and tell the police and other agencies, this is a no go zone. We don't want you here. We will police ourselves.

Why are they permitted to use Sharia Law in their own communities. Sharia Law is a direct violation of our constitution in every way. Why are they allowed to mutilate the genitals of their daughters and why do they get away with so called honor killings where a father or brother kills a girl in the family to protect the family honor, and most of the time our authorities know nothing about it.

Why does the top adviser to the president, a Muslim state publicly that she considers it her duty to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law? Why does the top Muslim cleric in the United States, a cleric of great prominence residing in New York City say the same thing? It is allowed because the first amendment of the very same constitution guarantees them freedom of speech. The same constitution they want to do away with.

Why do we prohibit in our schools, the saying of prayers? Of reading the Bible? Of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, all because it might offend somebody, while at the same time the President of the United States is pushing that children in our schools be taught the Qur'an for extra credits. He is afraid if you pray you might offend some one but he don't care if it offends anyone if they read the Qur'an in our schools.

On a National Day of Prayer Task Force event on May 7, just two weeks ago, a 23 minute speech was made by Air Force Maj. General Craig Olson. In his speech he said that as a redeemed believer in Christ he credits God for his accomplishments in the Air Force. Referring to flying complex air craft and doing complex nuclear missions, he said,"I have no ability to do that. God enabled me to do that. He put me in charge of the failing programs worth billions of dollars. I have no ability to do that. No training to do that. God did that. He sent me to Iraq to negotiate foreign military sales deals through an Arabic interpreter. I have no ability to do that. I was not trained to do that. God did all of that."

His speech was live streamed and recorded by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. I see nothing wrong with those words. It is a personal testimony of one man. He at no point tried to push any particular denomination of religion.

So why was a letter sent to Chief of Staff, General Mark Welsh, demanding the courts martial of General Olson for Christian proselytizing in full Air Force uniform on national TV(GOD TV). The letter was written by Mikey Wienstien, CEO of the Civil-Liberties Group. The letter called it disgusting and a brutal disgrace to the uniform. I wore an Air Force uniform for 20 years and can tell you I found nothing disgusting or disgraceful about it. Military chaplains are not even allowed any more to use the words, "In the name of Jesus Christ" in a public prayer any more. What is the point in having a Chaplain if he is not allowed to practice his faith or to minister to the armed services members of his faith?

Then we have other situations like the recent mess in Baltimore, Md. We have a prosecutor going public with speeches to the mob telling them she is going to do their bidding. She has charged six police officers in the death of one habitual criminal who was in police custody and died shortly after. This prosecutor went so far over the line it is unbelievable. She has all but pronounced them guilty. The investigation is no where near complete. Whatever happened to "Innocent until proven guilty?"

Baltimore like other failed cities in the USA has for the last four decades been fully controlled by liberal Democrats. They have a black Mayor, Chief of Police and Fire Chief, their city council is mostly black, their police department is over 60% black. The black mobs demolished or burned black owned houses and businesses. They looted black owned stores. They burned and destroyed police cars. They threw rocks, bottles and molotov cocktails at the police. The first night of rioting the mayor ordered police not to do anything.

So why is it now, that it is all racism and the fault of conservatives who didn't let the government give them enough money? They got more money than any place else, but it wasn't enough.

The President and the Justice Department say the police are to blame because they own to much military equipment and riot gear. Maybe all the cops need to have that equipment taken away from them and all cops need to go to charm school and wear a TV camera. In the mean time it is open season on cops so innocent cops are being murdered around the country.

When tactical and riot equipment are taken away from the cops and cops are not being backed up and more and more cops are being killed, what do you expect the cops to do before long? The answer is clear. The murder rate in Baltimore has already taken a jump upwards.

This nation was founded by Christians for the reasons of religious freedom. We acknowledged God and we adhered to him. It is everywhere on our buildings, in the Declaration of Independence, in the Constitution and in the speeches and writings of all our great American founders. It permeates our society. Under God is a part of our pledge of allegiance and in God we trust is on our money.

What happened? we became the greatest nation the earth has ever seen. Now God and Jesus the Christ are under attack all over the country and it is allowed to continue. No one fights for it. On the contrary, they fight against it. The national fight against Christianity is being led by the President, assisted by the Vice President and their party's presidential candidate is also calling for it.

Where it could not fail before, this nation has begun racking up failures. Unless you change your ways get ready for more of the same. In the Bible it tells us what happens to prosperous nations who turn their back on God.

Oh I know, there are many who will laugh at what I am saying. They will say I am a religious nut and a crack pot. They can laugh all they want. America, if she does not change her ways soon, is doomed to fall apart. If you think we have good enough security to keep ISIS from attacking us, guess again. Before you know it we will be fighting among ourselves. We are closer to that than you think. It will not take much to ignite a fight between black and white and between us and the Muslims.

Put God back in the schools, back in our government, back in our military, and back in our nation everywhere. Tell your clergymen to start fighting for God instead of going along and making excuses. I heard today the Pope called the Palestinian leader an angel of peace. If he did, he has gone loco too because all he wants to do is kill Israel. We all better shape up quickly - every one of us because if we don't, America is gone and the wild wild west was tame by comparison to what will be coming.

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