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Story ID:10513
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
Person:Lisa Godin
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By Fred Wickert

Lisa left a post yesterday that I cannot ignore. I am compelled to answer it. I will reply to each paragraph at a time.

Lisa accuses us of hating the poor and trying to starve them to death according to wallet size. Nothing could be further from the truth. America has been giving and giving and giving to the poor for decades. Not only do they give to the poor in our own country but give to the poor in other countries as well. Even to our enemies. The people of North Korea on many occasions have not had enough food and have been starving. We believing the people are not our enemy but only the government is our enemy, have given them thousands of tons of rice and wheat and corn. We have sent it to them by ship loads. During the cold war we discovered Russian agents stood there as it was being unloaded from the ships and putting an ink stamp label on the bags saying it was donated from the Soviet Union.

Lisa was born Jewish. It might interest her to know that thousands of Americans have been donating money to buy food for starving Jews in Israel. It seems the government has had to spend so much money on missile defense against the Palestinians that it does not have enough money to feed their poor. Our government will not because Obama dislikes them and is uninterested. Our American people - not the government - the people are donating money to feed them. Just so you will know Lisa, ISIS feeds nobody. They steal what they have to feed their fighters.

You deny that ISIS has ever owned slaves while condemning Americans because once upon a time we did. No one still living in this country today ever owned a slave. It is true that America did at one time have slave owners. From our founding fathers, it was fought against. Thousands of American men died fighting to free the slaves. Are all those guilty too? Are the descendants of those guilty too? I think not. You begin that paragraph asking if ISIS owns slaves and you answer the question saying "No." You lie. They do. They take all the young girls prisoner and they use them as sex slaves until they get tired of them.

On the same day you posted your essay I heard on the news on the radio that ISIS has learned they get a better price for the girls on the auction block if they strip them naked. The men get so excited they fight over them at the auctions. They told about the repeated raping of these girls and how one man carved his name on the palm of his slave so that all will know she is his property. They went on to say ISIS is not allowing the girls to wear the traditional head scarf in certain areas because the girls have been using them to hang themselves. Then you say we are worse than ISIS because 200 years ago some Americans owned slaves and you don't think ISIS does. How ludicrous can you get?

You say we are worse than ISIS because Puritans burned people at the stake and crushed them with rocks. You are blaming us for something that a group of people with mass hysteria did two or three hundred years ago? You may have missed it Lisa but that has not happened here for many generations. Are you to blame for something your great great grandfather did? That is a ridiculous comparison and is certainly not a legitimate comparison.

While you are at it though, I don't know that ISIS has burned people at the stake, but they have burned them in cages. They have also burned them in the streets. They have burned down buildings with people inside them. I suppose in your mind that don't count as long as they are not burned at the stake.

ISIS kills anyone who is Christian or who does not agree with their brand of Islam. You claim we are worse. You claim
we try to Christianize everyone. This is not true. We never try to force Christianity on anyone. We do try to include all who want to become a Christian and we do try to spread the good news. I am fully aware that you do not know what that means. You say we villianize Atheists. That is not true either. You will find all over the country that Atheists are trying to prevent Christians from practicing their religion. In all these continuous law suits, it is Atheists suing Christians because they say they are offended by the mere sight of a cross or a nativity scene. I say if they don't like them, don't look. Nobody is forcing them to. On the other hand, where is there any court cases of Christians suing Atheists because they don't believe? There are none. Again, you lie.

You condemn Americans for giving weapons to the Guatamalans in their civil war in the 80's You claim that makes us terrorists. We believe helping people fight for freedom and against tyranny is a good thing as we are a freedom loving country.

You continue to condemn this country because we dropped two Atomic bombs on Japan. You say we did it out of hate and you condemn it as terrorism. You are wrong. I have explained it to you before but you ignore the truth. If there was any terrorism involved in that war it was on the part of Japan when they conducted a sneak attack on us at Pearl Harbor. That is how it started. I was alive then and I remember very well that day.

We dropped those two bombs on Japan not out of hate, but as an attempt to end that war. It worked. It shortened the war by four years and it saved the lives of more than a million people, theirs and ours. I spent four years in Japan right after the occupation of Japan. I married a Japanese girl who remembered the war well as she had her home bombed several times demanding she move from one home to another as a little girl. Just before the war ended she was working in a medicine factory. I was married to her for 56 years before she passed away. She was not bitter about that bombing and it happened near where she lived. She and her mother saw the ruins of Hiroshima. I had many Japanese friends. None of them held that bombing against us. They know what a benefit it was for Japan in the long run.

If the Japanese people don't condemn us for it, where do you get your right to fault us for it? I say again, that shortened the war by at least four years and it saved at least a million more lives from being lost, not to mention all the other costs and hardships of war. That was not a terrorist act. As a matter of fact we broadcast to the Japanese for two weeks to get away from there and told them we were going to do it. We sent B-29's to drop millions of leaflets written in Japanese to warn them. Show me any ISIS outfit that will do that.

You say you have no idea how ISIS feels about Gays. Then you condemn us for our treatment of gays and you say we drive kids to suicide because they are gay. I do not believe any kid knows they are gay in the first place. I believe there are many kids who are made gay because pedophiles get to them while they still are kids. I don't believe that people are born gay. I believe something makes them that way.

You accuse us of discrimination against them because they are gay. I suppose there is some truth to that but no where near as much as you would have us believe. You say we deny them services because of it. I think not. Gays get the same kinds of services I get. It is the law. I think what you are referring to is when a baker or florist or photographer, etc., does not want to participate in a gay marriage because of their religious beliefs. That is not discrimination. Discrimination is like if a gay goes to a restaurant and is denied service because they are gay. What is going on is that gay people are trying to force people to participate in gay weddings, solely because they know that persons religious beliefs are against it. Both Hillary and Obama have said publicly that we have to change the Bible and Christian beliefs.

No, we don't. They are wrong. Christians have rights too. You also said we don't allow gay marriage. Again you are wrong. It is legal now in 37 states the last I knew, including my state. What is wrong is for Gays to try to force people who don't believe in it to participate in those marriages and that is wrong.

You started the paragraph by saying you don't know what ISIS thinks about Gays. Well let me educate you. It is automatically cause to be put to death. About a month, or maybe a little longer ago, ISIS had a bunch of Gay prisoners. They took them to the roof of a ten story building and they threw them off the roof of the building. They executed them and that was their method of execution. Yet you ended the paragraph saying we are worse than they are. How with any intelligence can you reach such a conclusion without knowing how ISIS thinks about it?

In your next paragraph you are still condemning all of us for what happened at Abu Grahab during the Iraq war. That was an act by a hand full of people who were violating regulations. That behavior was not typical of our military or of our county. It was wrong. It was acknowledged as wrong and those who did it were punished for it. To accuse the entire country based on what happened there is absolutely wrong.

You also accuse us of using torture and we do not. Yes, we at times have used sleep deprivation. That is not torture and it was inflicted on me in my normal performance of my duties when I served in our military. It couldn't be helped. Water boarding is not torture either and we only used it three times.

We do not use torture. Our enemies do. You should learn the difference before you try to sound like an expert on the subject.

Finally in your last paragraph you say ISIS is proud of what they do and don't care what people think. You say we on the other hand are worse than ISIS because we swaddle ourselves in our flag and make excuses for all the bad we do. Therefore, in your mind that makes us worse than ISIS.

Again you are wrong. ISIS does care very much what other people think. They want to scare hell out of everyone. They believe if people are afraid then they will not resist and will make their job that much easier. It is a trap we should never fall for.

Lisa you have so much hatred and dislike for America, I really have a hard time trying to understand why you stay here. If you dislike this country so much why not leave it? You seem to think ISIS is vastly superior to us so why not go to Syria and join up with them? I think it will be an extremely short time before you will want to come back to America, and I think you will appreciate us a lot more. That is, if you live long enough to get back out.

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