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Story ID:10514
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
Person:New York Times
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By Fred Wickert

It happens over and over. A congressional or Senate committee investigating something will ask for and subpoena certain relevant e-mails or other documents. The documents can be from IRS, the State Department, the Justice Department or any other government agency.

The committee gets nowhere. The documents are not forth coming. When challenged as to why not, there is always a stall answer. We lost them and can't find them, or they are mixed in with a few million other documents and we have to find them, or the computer broke down and we had to get another one, and the server was cracked and we had to throw it away and it was recycled and melted down.

Then someone brings a law suit in Federal Court. The judge orders some of the same documents to be produced for the court. The judge gets the same stall the Congressional Committee or Senate committee has been getting.

The judge after so much stalling gets angry. He gets the feeling he is being taken for a fool and he don't like it so he gets stern. Then all of a sudden they suddenly find some of the documents in question. Low and behold, a couple of documents the House or Senate committee asked for and was told no longer exists,shows up in the documents turned over to the Judge.

Two or three months go by and suddenly, the documents the investigating committee in the House or Senate could not get, and the documents the Judge was told no longer existed and could not be had shows up in the New York Times. TV news or radio news mentions that it was in the New York Times and sometimes explains what it says.

A week goes by and it is forgotten but, no one from the House or the Senate seems to ask the New York Times how and where they got it. The Federal Judge who could not get it, never seems to ask the New York Times where and how they got it.

I keep asking myself, why is that? I have as yet to get an answer.

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