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A Special Forgiving Dog

Story ID:10518
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- - England
Person:Toni and Ed
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I am suppose to be hosing down my porch so that I can put in my air conditioner.
I’m pretty proud that at my age I am able to put in my own air conditioner, but
instead -today I decided that I wanted to share the RSPCA account of Pudding, a
Patterdale Terrier. I looked at the picture of her damaged face which is still
amazingly beautiful and it cried out to me and said – please share my story. I hope
no one else will suffer as I have.

Yes, Pudding, I will share your story, but sadly there will always be cruel people
like your first owner who used you in the illegal and gruesome ‘sport’ of badger
baiting. As a result of having to compete in these vicious fights, you were left
blind in my eye and part of your face was torn off.

Rescued and rehabilitated in 2012 by the RSPCA, “Little Miss Sunshine” as you
became to be known- found a wonderful home with Toni and her husband Ed.

After a few years, Pudding passed away- but not before experiencing great happiness
and love in the happy home Toni and Ed provided for her. Everyone who met
her were impressed by her sense of joy and optimism- despite her cruel and suffering
past. Please look up her beautiful face on the internet. Her inner beauty shines
through- despite the cruel ravages of pain and suffering inflicted on her.

Upon her death, Toni wrote a letter to the cruel badger baiter. Whether she was
able to reach the one who caused so much suffering to Pudding is debatable, but
hopefully, one day this cruel person and others like him will read it. If not, it still is
a strong, caring letter for all of us to read and come away impressed by its truth.

Pudding was an incredible forgiving dog who showed so much love to people –despite
having been traumatized and brutalized by those who were completely devoid of
kindness and compassion.


“My dog died the other day and my world came crashing down. I thought maybe I
should tell you -as she was your dog once many years ago, but I doubt you’d shed
a tear.

My life won’t be the same without her; she was the sunshine that greeted me every
morning and the smile that sent me to sleep every night. But to you she was just a tool-
a means of proving your manliness and making an easy quid or too. I wonder if you’ve
ever thought about her since good people took her from you.

Her new life was full of love and happiness. Despite the suffering she endured at your
hands, she never held a grudge. She was a joyful, affectionate, and trusting dog who
greeted everyone she met like a long lost friend. But her body told the story her cheerful
demeanor hid so well.

Her disfigured face, damaged eye, and distended nipples spoke of painful fights and
overbreeding – all for your pleasure and profit. Yet I doubt you ever really knew the
dog who served you so faithfully, and that’s your loss. She had a heart bigger than
her head and an enthusiasm for life that inspired everyone who knew her.

People often said she was lucky to find such a good home, but in reality I was the lucky
one. Her resilience and unrelenting optimism taught me to be a better person. It was a
privilege to share my life with her, and for that I thank you. If you hadn’t been so arrogant,
foolish or just plain dumb, your crimes might have gone undetected and she would never
have come into my life.

I’m sure she’d want me to forgive you for the suffering you caused her and so many other
animals; she had no room in her heart for malice. I know your cruel acts were born of
ignorance, stupidity, and a deep sense of inadequacy- so perhaps I should forgive you, but
I can’t. I’m not as good a person as my dog was. No one ever will be.”

Thank you Toni – a letter which is a heartfelt and beautiful tribute to one of God’s most
loving creatures. One person who commented at this site said “I have a greater respect
for animals than I do of the human race. Animals are innocent where as humans have the
instinct of knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. There is no
excuse for this and there never will be. Never.” I agree.