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Story ID:10522
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Tokyo Honshu Japan
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OurEcho Preface This post deals with a mature theme or contains explicit language. While the post is not extremely violent or pornographic, it does contain language or explore a subject matter that may offend some readers. If you do not wish to view posts that deal with mature themes, please exit this post.



By Fred Wickert

When stationed in Tokyo during the 1950's I was given a monkey named Cheetah. He was not very large and weighed less than ten pounds. Even so, he could create some sizable mischief from time to time. Unable to keep him in the barracks I made arrangements to keep him at the house where my girl friend and future wife lived. She lived with a Japanese family in their nice home in an area of Tokyo called Tokiwadi.

The house was situated on a corner where two streets intersected. The house faced the more traveled of the two and it was a very wide and quiet residential street. The street on the right side of the house as you faced it, came down a gradual grade to the other street. This one was a two lane graveled street with a row of trees growing in the middle. It was a very pleasant area.

I had given my girlfriend a bad mitten set. The land lord had two teen aged daughters and a teen aged son. Together they stretched the bad mitten net across the left side of the side street. There was very little traffic and most of what there was consisted rarely of cars or trucks. It was mostly pedestrians or people on bicycles or motorcycles and they could easily go around. No one objected to the arrangement and of course, it was taken down as soon as they finished playing.

When playing bad mitten, my girl friend Tae took Cheetah out to where they were playing so he could explore the area, sometimes climbing up in the trees and searching for insects or larvae of the same.

When they were not playing bad mitten, Tae or I or both sometimes went for a walk out there. It was a pleasant area and we took Cheetah with us. Cheetah was on a 20 foot long chain which gave him lots of room to run around and play and explore.

The Japanese people are fond of pure bred dogs and many of them had them. They were frequently seen taking their dogs out for a walk or run for exercise. There were many large dogs. They had German Shepherds, Akita's. Tosa's and Doberman Pincers. Akita and Tosa were strictly Japanese breeds. The Tosa is similar to the Doberman except that the ears bend over and stick to the rest of the ear, giving the look of having been bent in the middle and pinned that way. Actually they grow that way naturally and thy are a large and impressive breed.

As they came by with their dogs they were always interested in the monkey and they would stop and inquire about him. Invariably that led to other subjects and a friendly chat ensued. While everyone was busy chatting, Cheetah was on the ground doing his usual exploration. Inevitably the dogs got his attention. He sneaked up on the ground behind the unsuspecting dogs. He got right between their hind legs. Then he reached up with his hand, and lightning fast he grabbed the dog's testicles, gave a screech and a hard yank at the same time and was up the nearest tree.

The victim dog whirled around with a snarl and jaws snapping, but the monkey was already gone. Then the dog went for the tree. He stood on his hind legs with his front feet on the trunk of the tree, snarling loudly and fiercely, hoping to get that monkey in his jaws. The monkey, completely unafraid hung upside down in the tree, taunting the dog.

To the dog of course, it was not at all funny, but to Cheetah and to the human observers, dog owners included, it was all very funny. After a few minutes the owner of the dog said his good byes and took his dog on down the road. The dog all the while turning his head to look behind, hoping to get a chance at that evil monkey.

It happened to several dogs before I finally decided enough was enough and said no more of that. It was unfair to the dogs. I also believed sooner or later Cheetah was bound to get careless and one of those dogs was going to get him and rip him apart. I didn't want that to happen either. Actually, I felt sorry for the dogs.

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