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Story ID:10528
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Every city Every state USA
Person:Illegals and Muslims
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OurEcho Preface This post deals with a mature theme or contains explicit language. While the post is not extremely violent or pornographic, it does contain language or explore a subject matter that may offend some readers. If you do not wish to view posts that deal with mature themes, please exit this post.

By Fred Wickert

I am angry and upset. I believe it is way past time for America to stop playing games of political correctness and to start fighting back. Do you want to keep America or not? If you don't wake up and get your head out of the sand you are going to lose America.

If it happens it will happen over my dead body because I am going to fight. I will die fighting if need be. America is too great a treasure to be given up so easily. Way to much blood and treasure has been paid for it to lose it.

I have watched the politicians play their stupid games with the Mexicans. I heard a report on the news a couple of days ago that now we have 25% of the population of Mexico in our country. There are some who came honestly and who work for a living. They want to better their lives and the lives of their families. They are becoming good American citizens. I have no objection to them.

When you start talking about the Mexican problem, inevitably someone will start claiming you are a racist and a bigot and that you are against immigration. No, I am not and neither are the majority of the rest of us who object to what is going on.

Many years ago I brought a girl to the United States from Japan. I married her. She worked hard and was a good citizen. She became an American citizen and worked hard to do it. She became an American. She was my devoted wife for fifty six years before she passed away. While she was here she did earn money but she did it honestly and paid taxes on it. She helped me pay my bills. She did not send it to Japan. It is true she sent some gifts to Japan from time to time, and we also received gifts sent to us from Japan from time to time too.

My wife and I had a Japanese daughter who is a dual citizen and I have Japanese grandchildren. We had a Chinese daughter we adopted. She came to the U.S. when she was twelve and she got her citizenship. My son in law is Chinese and I have two Chinese grand children so don't anybody give me that anti immigrant and racist crap because it won't fly.

I am not against immigration. I am against illegal immigration. There is a big difference. To come here illegally and to be here illegally is no different than criminal trespass or burglary. It just isn't so personal if it is in the country and not in your house. They are criminals pure and simple. Get used to the idea because it is the truth. That is what they are.

I have seen the riots on TV of the Mexicans openly making demands for different things and among them demanding their rights. That is a joke because they are illegals, therefore criminals and they don't have any rights. I saw a news story some time back in California that they took down the American flag and raised the Mexican flag at a school. The American kids took down the Mexican flag and put back up the American flag. The American kids were punished because they offended the Mexican kids. When it is okay for Mexicans to offend Americans in America and not okay for Americans to offend Mexicans in America, things have gone to far.

Tonight on Hannity, a man was sent out to Muslim neighborhoods to interview Muslim residents on camera. When asked if they prefer American law or Sharia law every last one of them said they prefer Sharia law. Some said they wanted the American Constitution done away with and replaced with Sharia law. Some were asked if they would rather live in America or in Somalia. They all answered they would rather live in Somalia.

It was reported that in four independent studies done in every mosque in the country, it was found that 80% of the Muslims in this country want to replace our constitution with Sharia law. The highest ranking Imam in the country based in New York City and President Obama's personal adviser in the White House, herself a Muslim, have both publicly stated they consider it their duty to replace our Constitution with Sharia law.

Every one of those Muslims interviewed for the Hannity show tonight said they believe there should be a law in the United States prohibiting anyone from saying anything derogatory about the prophet Mohamed. Forget about free speech. Make it illegal to say anything anti-Mohamed.

I have news for them. We will have such a law only over my dead body! Sharia Law will replace our Constitution over my dead body because I will fight to the death to prevent it, and so will an awful lot of other Americans, especially veterans and we have a lot of those.

I have a much better solution to many of our nation's problems. One, do not allow any more Muslim refugees in to the United States. Let Muslim countries take them. Two, round up all those who would rather live in Somalia than here and give them a free one way trip to Somalia. Three, round up all the other Muslims that prefer Sharia law over American law and give them free one way transportation to another Muslim country where they have Sharia Law. Four, prohibit any further Muslim immigration into the United States. Five, close our border with Mexico. Do not allow any further illegal immigration from Mexico. We have way to many already so do not allow any legal immigration from Mexico either.

Six, round up all the illegals from whatever country and deport them. If they have children who are American citizens, too damned bad. They should not have been here anyway and it is their fault. Find a legal friend or family member who will raise them or take them with you.

I want the immigrants who come to this country with something to offer the country and who want to be American Citizens. I am very much in favor of making more liberal policies for legal immigration. It is good for the country and I welcome it.

I am sick and damned tired of illegals and refugees coming here to receive our hospitality and largesse and then turn around and bite the hand that feeds them.

If they want to come here, they had better come the right way or not at all. They had better be prepared to learn our language. They had better be prepared to assimilate with our people and not set up their own private community and tell us to stay out. They had better be ready to accept our laws and our traditions and our way of life and to become good American citizens. If they do not, they should be kicked out.

The way we have been doing things for the last 40 years or more is killing America. We have to wise up and stand up for our country or we will lose it for sure. We cannot survive at the rate we are going. It has to stop.

As for Mohamed and the Muslims and their Allah, I have a truth for them. There is no god named Allah. There is only one true God and his name is Jehovah. Mohamed is a fake and a phony. If he is real in any sense of the word, then he is an agent of Satan. Jesus Christ is the son of God and Jesus Christ will judge when the time comes and he is not going to give anybody any virgins. If you do not accept Jesus Christ and obey him and follow him you will cease to exist. If you do, you will have everlasting life!

That is the only truth. If you wish to kill me for saying so, come right ahead. I am ready to go and I am also ready when you come to take some with me. I am not afraid. Shariah law will replace the Constitution of the United States of America only over my dead body!

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