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Crab's Corner-Real Proud Ain't Ya!

Story ID:10530
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Just read another article about a Muslim who was shot by Police and had a knife, and his brother said that his brother was shot in the back and he wasn't and American posters ran with it ranting their self-righteous bigotry.

Depending on article, the Media Dupes of America will do one of two things. Defend a cop or villainize the cop. Defend the criminal or villainize the criminal. How do we do that? We can't do it on our own. We decide by how Media likes to report it while they sit back and enjoy how they can turn you against your neighbor about it.

It was funny reading some of the comments. These 'brave' chest pounding Americans spewing their anti-Muslim rhetoric, who by the way, tirade about illegals not being able to speak English, had mispelling after mispelling. These 'brave' Americans who are so outraged by Muslims, do really good at hurling insults, provoking anti-Muslim feeling, baiting people in blogs and article boards, are the first to cry like girls when they're confronted.

It was funny when I read those American posters ranting in outrage how this killed Muslim's brother "lied" and said his brother was shot in the back but wasn't. Oh shame on you, bad boy, you lied! Those posters are the same ones who'll vote for a politician who lies his way into their heart every single election because they hope to benefit. Who does that voter blame when they're betrayed as usual by their elected official? Not themselves for believing the same political lies. You're real proud ain't ya! You act like lying was invented by a Muslim Media tells you to hate while you're duped every election by the SAME lies spoken by a politician.

Real proud ain't ya! You'll rant and rave about Muslims looking at them as all bad because Media counts on your ignorance of never seeing that any Extremist doesn't own a religion. The foreign Extremist has two good points over the self-righteous American. The Extremist aren't Media Dupes. Extremists hate people naturally. Americans need Media to lead them into hatred.

I find it really funny the ranting American against Muslim Extremism when it comes to beheadings. Decry beheadings while criticizing CNN and other News organizations who refused to post beheading videos denying you the pleasure you seek.

I find it really funny the ranting American against Muslim Extremism when it comes to torture. You're real proud ain't ya! You demand the right to torture but you won't sit in that same chair and endure it to show how a 'real' American can endure torture! Hypocritically you denounce torture in public while you secretly read and enjoy every article and demand it be shown.

The posters yelling and screaming how this Muslim had lied about one thing that happened to his brother acted exactly like the school bully who steals someone's lunch money, or locks someone in their school locker, or pushes someone around in the halls. But they turn into Corinne Cry Baby when they've been caught lying about perpetrating violence and cruelty. They'll turn in their friends who do it to save their own skins.

Real proud ain't ya how you'll all condemn that terrible evil Muslim Extremist. You'll blame Islam that the Extremists twists to suit, while you, the high and mighty sanctimonious Christian, shouts an eye for an eye promoting violent retaliation. You chuck your "Love thy neighbor", "Turn the other cheek" "Forgive their trespasses". The Golden Rule of treat others as you would have them treat you is ignored. You'll use Islam against the good Muslim, while you the high and mighty Christian won't help a Poor person without a tax deduction. You need to profit or you won't help. You'll insult the homeless then whine when it happens to you as if the world should stop for you. You'll rally against Islam in your self-righteousness judging it only by the Extremist in your ignorance, while you favor discrimination against gays because your Bible says to, tell women they should be subservient because it's in the Bible, call anyone NOT Christian a "heathen" or "pagan" and will call you broken if you don't believe in a God, use Christianity as a weapon against others.

Oh those awful Muslims! They lie about things you'll rant. But YOU'LL wear a T-shirt of a slain criminal's last words so an American can profiteer believing the "I Can't Breathe!" lie. If you can't breathe you can't talk!

Real proud ain't ya! You'll snarl at a knife wielding Muslim Extremist. But who will it be reading every article ad nauseam about it exaggerated and blown out of proportion with each version! Who will it be going on boards to shout your bigoted racism using YOUR religion to justify it! Who will it be who won't teach their OWN children not to walk around with knives or guns because violence has become the new problem solver! Who will it be who'll deliberately provoke and then cry victim! It's US ladies and gentlemen!

Do you know who US really are? US are Americans who'll use religion against people we don't like too! US are Americans who snarl verbal abuse at Atheists who have the right NOT to have religion! US are Americans who'll judge you by where you were born! US are Americans who treat Poor like crap! US are Americans who make our children miserable by verbally and physically abusing them calling it normal! US are Americans who yelp how awful religious Extremist violence is yet demand MORE guns be put on the streets! US are Americans who divide ourselves into Castes! US are Americans who treat women like trash while whining how other countries don't treat them any better! US are Americans who verbally abuse fellow Americans who voice independent thought and word who refuse to allow Media to dictate hatreds! US are Americans who rage against the world's violence while waiting for the right American politician to unleash nuclear destruction!

The religious Extremist doesn't care who they hurt. But then, when it suits, neither do WE.

That's who WE are! And you're real proud ain't ya!