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Story ID:10533
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Everywhere All States USA
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By Fred Wickert

A Christian family has some kind of reality show. I really know nothing about it because I never watch those things. It is an interesting family in that they have nineteen children.

It seems they talk a lot on the show about Christian value, much like that other reality show about a family of bearded duck hunters they had. Both of these shows are Christian oriented and we just can't allow that. The liberal left cannot allow it. After all, it might corrupt somebody by actually getting them to have some scruples. What a tragedy that would be, or so they think.

I don't recall what it was, but I remember there was some sort of controversy over the duck hunters and the left tried to kick them off the air. Now they are trying to kick this family with 19 kids off the air too. Why? Well, the real reason is because they are Christians and promote Christian values. The liberal left cannot abide that.

The reason they are using is because somehow they found out that one of the boys, now a grown man with a wife and kids of his own, at age 14 touched the breasts of some of his sisters. They were sleeping and he touched them outside their clothes. The family instilled Christian principles and behavior so much that he was overloaded with guilt and he went to his parents and confessed.

His parents didn't know what to do so they consulted friends, their pastor and a state police officer about it. None were of any help. The parents knew a man who had a farm I think it was, where he took in wayward boys, some who were guilty of far more than this boy was, and he straightened out these boys and made new men out of them. The parents took the boy out of the home and sent him there.

When the boy came home after a considerable length of time, he was a changed boy. He went to the sisters he had molested. They had not known it when they were being molested and had he not confessed they never would have known. He told them what he had done, apologized and asked them to forgive him.

On another time he had done the same thing, again to his sisters sleeping on the sofa, but this time he also did it to a baby sitter. Again, none of the victims knew they were being molested. He later told them. This time the parents took him to the police. He went to family court and he got professional counseling. He never did anything like that again. He became an adult, got married and has a couple of children.

All was well until they got this TV show. When they started pushing Christianity, the liberals couldn't stand it. Something like that is hard to keep secret. A scandal type publication asked for the information from the Chief of Police under the Freedom of Information Act. Normally, any juvenile records are sealed by the court and they are not revealed to any one. The Chief of police went to the town attorney who told her it is not illegal to release them. The Chief who is retiring shortly, released the records on it.

The magazine published it and the TV talk shows picked it up. They have been screaming for the show to be pulled and calling the family terrible hypocrites. They have also devastated the young man and his family, his parents and the siblings and baby sitter who were the victims of the touching.

The same people condemning the family also are the ones who fight for the gay marriages being able to force Christians to do things as a part of the weddings that are against their religious beliefs. These are the same people insisting transgender people be able to use the bath rooms designated for the opposite sex just because they say they feel like the opposite sex.

These are the same people who want to make it legal for the Man Boy Love Association to seduce boys under twelve and to make bestiality legal. These are the same people who advocate making legal any sexual deviation you want to engage in. They want to legalize brother and sister marriage and father daughter marriage. And yet they are having a fit over this incident that happened many years ago and was responsibly taken care of. They are even outraged the boy was never prosecuted as a sexual predator and want him on the list.

It has recently been disclosed when Dennis Hastert was Speaker of the House, he was paying some high priced black mail to some one because of his sexual indiscretions. The two Speakers before him had sexual problems. One wonders if it goes with the office. They will probably investigate Speaker Baynor, but will not investigate Nancy Pelosi. She is a Liberal. If they do it, it is okay. Look at Bill Clinton.

He had a terrible history of sexual misconduct. Did anybody care? It doesn't seem so. He is still doing it and he is still a Democrat Rock Star. It is only bad if you are a Christian or a Conservative it would seem.

It might not hurt for some of these people to read the Bible. In it they will find a story where a mob is preparing to stone a prostitute to death. Jesus said to them, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." One by one they dropped their stone and walked away because they all knew each of them was also guilty of a sin. Some had sinned worse than her and some had even been with her. Those who are seemingly so outraged are themselves guilty of sin too, and many of them a lot worse than the curiosity motivated touching of a fourteen year old boy!

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