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Story ID:10536
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Everywhere All States USA
Person:Social Security
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Fred Wickert

I hear news commentators and politicians on radio and television often talking about what hey call "Entitlements." They are usually saying something has to be done about them because that is why we are so deep in debt.

Every time I hear it, it irks me because they never seem to know the difference. To begin with, what they are calling entitlements are actually not because just because the politicians decided to buy votes with hand outs, freebies, things that are given free without being earned, does not in any way mean that the recipients are entitled to them. They are actually not entitled to them. The politicians in an attempt to buy their votes, gave them to them. The money is not earned by the recipients. It is stolen from the people who are working, and they are given to people who are not.

Another way of putting it is another term frequently heard. That term is, "Redistribution of wealth." It just means that if you work for a living, the politicians will take away a portion of your money that you worked for, and give it away to those who did not work for it. They also have another gimmick. Those who work for it can't make it fast enough for them to give it away any more so they borrow it. It is still the workers money because it is he who will have to pay it back.

There is one thing that truly is an entitlement. That is Social Security. You pay for that during your working years. You are entitled to get it back when you reach a certain age, a little each month. The trouble is, they are calling everything, including Social security an entitlement and they are talking about how Social Security money is going to run out in a few years and how they have to do something to cut back on it to fix it.

Hey you people, we earned that money. How come we never hear you talk about cutting some welfare payments or phony disability payments? They didn't pay for that so why can't they be cut?

The truth is corruption of the worst kind. No one has a choice on Social Security. It is mandatory. You have to pay in to it and your employer has to pay in to it and you have no choice in the matter. I heard in the last couple of days someone saying so many people have drawn out thousands of dollars more than they paid in to it. I say not bloody likely. If that money was in a 401K for example, it should be worth far far more than anyone ever gets paid back from Social Security.

I notice that every time the subject comes up, no one ever asks about or mentions the millions taken from the Social Security Trust fund back in the 1960's when Lyndon Johnson allegedly borrowed the money to finance his so called Great Society program. At the time it was said that Social Security was given IOU's for that money they took. Okay, how about pay back that money now with interest from the 1960's? Now there is a novel idea.

If they were to do that, there would be no shortage of money at all for Social Security payments. Oh yes, I know that simply is not feasible. Of course we can't do that for goodness sake. That would be the honest thing to do. Surely we can't expect our government to do something honest now can we?

As for all those other programs, it has been fifty years we have poured more than a trillion dollars in to the Great Society programs plus other government hand out programs added on since then. They have not worked. They have broken up many families and especially black families. There are more poor now than there was then. What greater proof that it doesn't work? If they really want a solution, I suggest they close our Southern border and send the illegals back to Mexico. They are Mexicans so let Mexico support them. Why should we? Then make work for those getting handouts if they are able to work. If they don't work, they get no welfare check.

There should be drug testing before a check is received. Those who don't support kids they have made should be forced to support those kids. We didn't make them so why should we support them? Of course they won't do these things because then there might not be enough Democrat votes. The Republican's will vote with the Democrats because they are afraid the media will call them racist. What the fools don't understand is they are going to do it anyway.

No, they won't do the right thing. They will raise the retirement age and they might cut the Social Security benefit. Then too, they might do what Bill Clinton did when money was short, and that is to take away COLA from Military retirees for a couple of years. What the hell, nobody cares about them. That's why the VA Hospital system is such a mess. They talk big and say they care. They did that a year ago about the VA hospitals. One director was forced to resign and a half dozen other people got fired and it still goes on same as before. Our veterans are still dying because they can't get care.

You are not hearing about that though, are you? No, the news has found transgender use of bathrooms, gay weddings and a boy going through puberty feeling his sisters breasts while she was asleep and fully clothed ten years ago out of curiosity, far more important things to report about.

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