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China's Horrific Treatment of Dogs

Story ID:10539
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:- - China
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At my age -it is getting harder and harder to sit down at the computer and write a
post, but after reading one from PETAUK, I knew that I would have to share their
post. Will it do any good? Hopefully it will- especially if you will look for their video
in this regard on the internet which shows the horrific treatment of dogs in China
in their production of dog leather. But sadly, I believe most people won’t take
the time to do so. I hope I am wrong.

When the Beijing Olympics were being held in China, I was probably among the very,
very few who boycotted them because of their cruel treatment of LIVE Raccoon dogs
who were being divested of their fur. I can’t imagine just how horrible it was for them.
How would it feel for us to be skinned alive?

I also cannot understand why there seems to be so comparatively few of us who seem
to really care. My disgust with China’s cruel practices toward animals makes me wish
that I would never have to buy anything made from China. What a joke. Almost every
thing in the stores carries the label MADE IN CHINA. Would I be willing to pay for more
expensive goods made in America? In a heart beat.

This is what happens daily to the 100 or 200 dogs in this Chinese abattoir who are slated
to be killed in the most inhumane way:

“The video shows dogs crying out and writhing in agony after being hit over the head with
a heavy wooden bat, and dogs struggling to breathe after their throats have been cut.
Workers then rip the skin from the dogs’ bodies so it can be turned into leather to be sold
around the world.”

Even though selling fur from cats and dogs is already banned in the EU- extending this ban
to include leather from the same animals should logically follow. And PETAUK has written
the European Commission to hopefully see that it does, and that the law should extend to
also forbid the selling of dog leather in the EU.

Are we getting dog leather in the United States? I don’t know, but that’s another reason why
I’m against the TPP trade pact. I wouldn’t be surprised though because it seems that trade
pacts make it so much easier for countries to sell -as in this case –a product of incalculable
suffering to dogs. Somehow though, I don’t see our Congress worrying too much about such
“trivialities.” I hope to God I’m wrong.

I didn’t have the guts to watch the video which you can find on PETAUK’S internet site. But
I read some of the comments of some people who did and with which I totally agree. Here is
one written by Kayebo who bravely watched the video:

“I cannot find the words, never seen anything as sick and cruel. Those who are doing it
are not in any way human. They are heartless, cruel, and sick. It makes me wonder what
else they are capable of as people living in society if they don’t see any wrong in inflicting
so much pain to a living breathing and feeling animal.”

I agree. And I very much agreed with the final statement where PETAUK asks us to pledge
to go LEATHER-FREE. They wrote “All leather is the product of cruelty. If you’re appalled
by the horrific images from Peta Asia’s investigation, please join our campaign and stop
wearing all animal skins.”

This pledge was easy for me to make since I have been vegan for over 30 years. But it is
never too late to pledge if you care about animal suffering.