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Story ID:10543
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All Cities All States USA
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By Fred Wickert

In the last couple of days it has been in the news that a few universities have now objected to any professors in their classes, using the phrase, America, Land of Opportunity. It seems they feel some students and others might take offense at it and that it is somehow racist or sexist in nature. The universities no longer want the term used, saying it is politically incorrect. They also claim that America is no longer a land of opportunity.

I know that under the Obama administration new restrictive regulations have made it increasingly difficult, but America is still a land of opportunity and people still do find opportunity and start a business and get ahead.

As far as I am concerned, political correctness has gone way to far and has caused enormous damage to our country. I am certain that opportunity still exists in our country but I suggest that those universities that believe it does not, should close their doors. If they are correct in that assumption, there is no longer any need for a university is there? Why bother to get an education if there is no opportunity to use it? Students might better save their money.

I suggest since this political correctness that there is no longer opportunity here, there is no longer any reason for all those illegal immigrants to keep coming in, which the Obama administration has been urging to come from across our Mexican Border. We might as well send them back home, since there is no longer any opportunity here.

I also suggest the university board members who made that decision go to some other countries where they think there might be some opportunities because they will be needing to find opportunity somewhere after the universities all close their doors. After all, if there are no opportunities, there is hardly any need for universities to exist any more, and of course, no one will be able to afford them any more either.

This is just another example that shows us Political Correctness is out of control and has gone to far. We should get rid of it. We were better off without it!

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