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Story ID:10546
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Washington D.C. USA
Person:Mariam Carey
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By Fred Wickert

How come Obama had nothing to say? How come Eric Holder had nothing to say? How come Al Sharpton had nothing to say? Where are the Black Panthers and where is the NAACP on this one? How come there are no mobs of rioters? How come there are no demonstrations on this one? How come there is no call by the black people of the country to kill the police in this one? How come the media is not going on day in and day out over this one?

On October 3, 2013 a young black single Mom from Stamford, Connecticut drove to Washington, D.C. with her infant child strapped in a child seat in the back seat of her car.

She made a wrong turn and approached a White House security gate. No Security Officer attempted to stop her. When she reached the security gate she realized she was somewhere she didn't belong. She made a "U" turn to go back out. Only then did any one try to stop her.

The young single Mom, Mariam Carey, panicked and took off. One Security Policeman tried to stop her by sliding a metal barricade in her path and she went around that and kept on going.

White House Security Police or Uniformed branch of the Secret Service, went in pursuit of her vehicle. Seeing them in pursuit, Capital Police joined in.

At times during the chase she was said to have gone between 40 and 80 MPH in a 25 MPH zone. At one point she seemed to be stopped, but she put her car in reverse and started to take off again. A police officer fired eight shots at her. She took off again but was stopped shortly after and two officers, one from the White House Uniformed Security Service and the other from the Capitol Police, each fired nine times at her and they killed her.

Until she got to that gate and made a "U" turn she committed no offense of any kind. At no time was she ever any threat to any one or any thing. The police claimed when she backed up she was aiming at a policeman standing behind her. An eye witness, an employee of the Supreme Court said there was no one behind her. She might have touched a guard shack when she backed up but if so, no damage was done.

The service manuals for the Uniformed Branch of the Secret Service distinctly state that no vehicular pursuit is to be done unless, the person has committed a felony in the officers presence or he has reason to believe they were about to commit a felony in which personal injury was involved. It states further that safety is preferred over catching someone and pursuit is forbidden.

Mariam Carey not only committed no crime of any kind, let alone a felony, but was never at any time any threat to any one. She was wrongfully shot and killed. She also was black.

So where is the outrage? Where is Obama? Where is Eric Holder? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is the NAACP? Where are the Black Panthers?

I can't speak for the others or about the others, but on July 10, 2014 the Justice Department released a report concluding their investigation, exonerating the officers of any wrong doing. Eric Holder was the Attorney General at the time. I ask, and every other American should be asking, How Come?

When a thug who is a criminal and attacking a cop in Ferguson gets shot, Obama is making speeches against the police. Eric Holder is making speeches against police and egging the black protesters on. Al Sharpton is there with his hired goons making sure the police cars and businesses are attacked and destroyed and getting the black people of the entire nation stirred up against the police.

In New York City a man resists arrest and dies on the way to the hospital from a medical condition he already had. Immediately, Obama is on TV, Holder swings in to action and Sharpton brings his paid demonstrators to egg people on and they all call for violence towards police. A few days later two police officers sitting in their patrol car eating their lunch are executed.

Another criminal dies on the way to the hospital after he is arrested and the states attorney brags in a speech that she has charged six cops in the man's murder because she heard the demonstrators that Al Sharpton got riled up. Obama had his say against the cops and Holder had his say against the cops and the mayor ordered cops on the first day to stand down and let the looters and destroyers do their thing.

Mariam Carey was not a criminal. She didn't do anything wrong. She was just a single Mom with her infant daughter who had decided to go to Washington for some sight seeing. A hand full of federal cops gun her down for nothing, risking the life of her infant child in the back seat and not a word from any of them. Just a cover up report exonerating the police.

I ask why? I ask why Obama had nothing to say? I ask why Eric Holder had nothing to say except to cover up for the officers? I ask why Al Sharpton didn't get involved? It is not like he wasn't around Washington because he has been seen in and out of the White House many times to confer with Obama. I ask why the NAACP had so much to say about how bad the cops were in those other incidents but were silent in this case? I ask why the Black Panthers, or New Black Panthers if you prefer, were so vocal about the other cases but not this one?

I suggest there has been a great injustice done to Mariam Carey and her infant daughter and all who loved her. In an extended way I suggest a great injustice has been done to the people of the United States of America because in a way, we have all been let down by the miscarriage of justice. Further, the Carey family has grounds to pursue a law suit against the officers and the government. I suggest there are ample grounds for them to win such law suit. Because they are federal officers, we the tax payer are going to pay. Not Obama, not Eric Holder, not Al Sharpton, and not any of the other professional trouble makers.

I suggest those professional trouble makers do what they do for purely political reasons and I suggest that "Justice," has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

I want to mention one other thing. That is that Obama before he was elected, said he wanted to create a federal police force larger and better equipped than our military force. He wanted to do away with State and local police departments and have the federal police department he proposed take over.

Under Eric Holder there have been a large number of city police departments come under the control of the Justice Department on one excuse or another. Vast quantities of small arms, ammunition, tanks and armored vehicles have been purchased by the government for agencies not normally armed or in need of such equipment. There has never been any explanation as to why.

There have been other little subtle signs pointing to it as well, including vast powers Obama has given himself for declaring Martial Law and powers he will have without question, if in Martial Law. I strongly suggest that Obama is working secretly towards that end.

I think all Americans will be wise to consider what happened in the case of Mariam Carey, as opposed to what happened in those other cases I mentioned. If we are under the jurisdiction of a national police force, I think this case demonstrates the difference between that and a local force.

I have seen national police forces at work and I don't think much of them. For those who have never seen it, I suggest looking at our neighbors in Mexico. Theirs is a federal police force. Is that what you want? If you think about it, I think the answer is easily - "NO."

If we ever go that way, justice will be dealt from the White House and Justice department. Responsibility will be hard to find. They can exonerate whoever they please for whatever they please, and they will. If we allow it to happen, before you know it, we will no longer have elections and Congress and the Supreme Court can be suspended. Our flag might even change to one with a swastika. Obama has already been proposing we change the National Anthem. He has said he finds ours inappropriate, "with Bombs bursting in the air and all that sort of thing." If he is that cavalier about our National Anthem, how much will he care about our flag. There was a time he refused to wear a flag pin and he stood not with his hand on his heart for the national anthem and facing the flag, but instead stood with his hands crossed over his crotch.

I have also heard him remark that he and Michelle, before running for president, had attended several flag burnings.

I find the contrast between the Mariam Carey shooting and the ones in Ferguson, NYC and Baltimore not only strange but disconcerting as well. I urge you all to search your soul and be aware as well as beware!

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