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Story ID:10548
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:All over Any state USA
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By Fred Wickert

From 1995 to 1997 the biggest thing in the news was the sexual affair going on in the Oval Office between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, an intern in the office of White House Chief of Staff.

In January 2001 the National Enquirer reported the Reverend Jesse Jackson had been having an affair with then aide in the Rainbow/Push Coalition. Karen L. Stanford, age 39 gave birth to his child in May of 1999. The Reverend Jesse Jackson, perhaps not so much reverence, was married to his wife since 1963.

In January of 2001, Bill Clinton was going to leave office as President. The Reverend Jesse Jackson urged him to commute the sentences of former Chicago Congressman Mel Reynolds. Reynolds was serving two sentences. He had 30 months left to serve on a state charge for having sex with a 16 year old campaign volunteer, and five years left to serve on a federal charge of lieing to get loans illegally and for diverting campaign money for his own use.

Bill Clinton was ready to commute the sentences of 166 other criminals anyway, so what the heck, one more shouldn't hurt. So he made it 167. You know, Jesse Jackson was such an important man as a black leader and all, so how could he refuse? After all, what's so bad about having sex with a 16 year old volunteer? Given the chance, he would have himself.

In January 2001 the Chicago Sun Times reported that former Congressman Mel Reynolds was going to work at Salem Baptist Church, South side of Chicago as Community Development Director, and also as consultant to the Rainbow /Push Coalition on prison reform and youth counseling.

So you have an ex Congressman who had sex with a subordinate...Won clemency from a President who had sex with a subordinate...Then hired by a Reverend who had sex with a subordinate. And what is his new job? You guessed it - youth counselor.

Then move forward a ways. We find ourselves with some new Black Panthers on the polling place steps during an election. They are dressed in military style uniforms and carrying billy clubs. They are threatening and intimidating voters who might have intentions of voting against Barack Obama. They are arrested. It is a federal crime. Our new black Attorney General orders that these men be released and declares they will not be tried. He also implies that under his watch, no black people will be prosecuted but only white people will be prosecuted for anything.

Notorious trouble maker Reverend Al Sharpton, known drug dealer and tax cheat, becomes the chief adviser on race relations to President Obama and AG Eric Holder. No prosecution for him. Of course not. He is chief adviser on race relations.

College kids go to Florida on Spring Break. The debauchery is so outlandish even normal scum think they have gone to far. A girl dressed in a bikini swim suit has passed out on the beach. It is day time and broad day lite. The bikini clad girl lays there passed out from to much drugs or to much to drink, or both.

There are easily 100 other college kids there on the beach. Most are carrying cell phones. Six different guys decide to take advantage of the bikini clad unconscious girl. They rape her in front of and in full view of all the other college students.

Does anyone use their cell phone to call for an ambulance? After all the girl is unconscious. She could be passed out from something life threatening. No. Nobody calls an ambulance. It never occurs to them.

When the six guys decide to rape the girl, does anyone try to stop them or does anyone call the police? No. That doesn't occur to them either. Instead they video tape it and laugh and make jokes about it.

All over the nation, people are either appalled or horrified. Some are swearing that their kid is going to stay at home during spring break and will not be permitted to leave the house.

On the beach where the girl was raped, some TV news people went to film some of the wild behavior. They asked one girl what her parents would think if they saw her then. She said, knowing it was going to be on TV and her parents will probably see it, "F__k my parents."

Can we blame them for being that way? I remember well back in the nineties when the Monica Lewinsky affair with Bill Clinton hit the news. In a few days there was a rash of reports of kids from 12 to 18 having oral sex on the school bus and in the back of class rooms in the schools. Then the Surgeon General wanting classes in the schools on how to put on a condom and passing out free condoms in the schools. She even advocated classes in high school teaching kids how to masturbate.

When our nations prominent people behave this way, how can we expect any different from our kids? What can we do to stop it? We can and we should get back to basics. Start talking to your kids and tell them about the birds and the bees and warn them of all the dangerous pit falls. Start taking the family to church and start reading the Bible together as a family every day. Teach your kids to pray and tell them they can pray in school if it is silent. Nobody can do anything about that. Teach them right from wrong and teach them that there are always consequences to bad behavior. I don't believe kids now days even know that.

The moral decay of our nation has gone way to far. If we don't heal it soon, get ready for disaster. Remember what God did in the time of Noah? He was angry and the people were behaving much like they are now. How long do you think he will let it go? We had better shape up or I am afraid our country is doomed. Rome fell, and so will we if we don't shape up.

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